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There is undeniably no better way to indulge in the divinity of nature than a dainty stomp through the wilderness. This is the story of two travelers trudging their way for an exhilarating trekking expedition, only to be spoilt due to negligence of carrying a proper survival kit. Steve and Kiera both had to abandon their beautiful adventure as they did not carry the essentials required to survive the trekking expedition; hence the name of this article- Hamari Adhoori Kahaani.

Let’s learn from their story so that your journey stays intact and unblemished.

First Things First

Steve and Kiera were well equipped with enough eateries and water to keep them energized throughout the journey. However, they neglected quite a few of the 10 essentials known as “survival kit” which were Map, Compass, Wet weather gear, Fire Starter, and the First Aid Kit. They were carrying other essentials like knife (or flashlight, and sunscreen/sunglasses. However, they were not enough to let them throughout the expedition. They got blisters on their skin for which they had no First Aid Kit. Trying to locate the nearest help centers or any resting places seemed a long shot without possessing a Map, and Compass. Meanwhile, the blisters worsened while they frequently scratched their skin. In the cold yearning for some heat, Steve and Kiera also did not carry a Fire Starter and unexpected rain alluded them the importance of a Wet Weather Gear. Had they carried all the essentials would they had to abandon their beautiful trekking expedition? Perhaps no.

Therefore, you might as well procure all the 10 essentials or the “survival kit” to ensure your trekking expedition does not meet an abrupt halt and unnecessary troubles like Steve and Kiera’s; why spoil all the fun due to blisters and such after all?

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Bonus Tips

Before beginning your hiking trek, it is important you and your fellow members get realistic about the journey. If you’re fantastically fit, you possess brighter chances to survive the distance comfortably on say a 2-week trek than one who is fat and does not exercise. Do not reach beyond a realistic capacity.

Experts advise little training before going for longer trips. For instance, small walks or try cycling to get your muscles acclimatized for the trek.

Be aware of the conditions you will need to bear during the trek– weather, terrain, geography and topography. Are you going to climb huge, slippery hills? What to do when drenched in monsoon or bitten by sand flies? All such concerns will help you pack all the essentials to tackle the hurdles while tasting the pleasure of the trekking expedition.

Besides the survival kit discussed above, you should make the following things a part of your travel safety kit too-

  • Water treatment kit to purify water when supply runs out.
  • Extra socks (great help when you find the ones you wear tear apart while trekking)
  • Insect repellent
  • Supportive braces for any weak knees or joints

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