Hand Sanitizers – Your Ultimate Protection Against Infections


Clean sanitized hands for a better and healthier Life! How many of us have a habit of cleaning our hands and then eating our food? Do you sanitize your hands before you eat your food in a restaurant?

Well, we do clean them by washing them in a hot water bowl, but only after our meal. Cleaning our hands is a very important step or habit in sanitation. Our hands, when not clean become carriers to a wide number of germs and bacteria which lead to stomach infections and several contamination even including H1N1. This is one reason why doctors and health experts constantly push us to using Hand Sanitzer before and after you eat your meal or snacks. But, not many of us are seen carrying a hand sanitizer with us in our hand bags. Here are 4 important facts about hand sanitizers that we should know about. Read about them and get inspired to use a hand sanitizer throughout the day.

More effective in destroying germs

An alcohol based hand sanitizer helps clean your hands much better than soap and water. For a lot of people, believing this fact is a bit difficult. For them, it is difficult to understand how a simple bottle of gel can reduce germs and bacterial residues in our hands in just a few seconds, that too without the use of soap. However, with the help of researches and evidence related to it, people now use a sanitizer easily.

An alcohol based hand sanitizer is way much more effective than a simple hand wash compared to soap in destroying bacteria that transmit through hands.

Don’t cause Super-Bacteria

When a huge part of the world was suffering from H1N1, the first and foremost health tip given by the doctors was to use a hand sanitizer to keep away the bacteria causing the infection. .

A hand sanitizer disrupts the cell-membrane of the bacteria present in your hands. In this process, there is no way that the bacteria develops a resistance against the sanitizer. Thus, it is the best possible way to sanitize your hands and get rid from bacteria.

Easier to use than soap

Using soap and water to wash your hands is the traditional method to get rid off infections and bacteria from your hand. However, with the high resistant bacteria now spreading across the world, using a hand sanitizer is the only way to clean your hand.

The alcohol in your hand sanitizer also improves your skin condition, destroying all the deadly germs and bacteria residing in your hand. Using soap, can make your skin rough and dry, but these hand sanitizers can easily keep your hands clean and also leave a soothing fragrance in your hands.

Using a Hand sanitizer Rightly

Most people who use a hand sanitizer, usually clean their hands without knowing the right procedure of using a sanitizer. Simply applying a little hand sanitizer in your hands and then rubbing it doesn’t remove the bacteria.

Here are tips on how to use a hand sanitizer Rightly:

  • Make sure your hand is free off grime and dirt.
  • Add a little hand sanitizer into your hands
  • Rub for a minimum 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Make sure that the sanitizer is equally distributed all through your hands, fingers, nails and even your wrists.
  • Let the sanitizer dry and only then use your hands to eat your food.
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