Handy Travel Tips to Avoid Theft and Pickpockets

Handy Travel Tips to Avoid Theft and Pickpockets

Whenever we start for any journey, we are always afraid of losing our luggage or any other precious things. Such incidents are very common so we get even more fearful because this may prove to be a spoiler for our amazing travel plans. Loosing things like passport, phone, or wallet, would mean inviting big trouble. So keep any such hassles at bay, we share with you some handy travel tips which’ll help you avoid theft and pickpockets.

Choosing the right kind of bags for your travelChoosing the right kind of bags for your travel
How can you travel without a bag? I mean, where else will you store your luggage? And thieves seem to understand this too well. Bag snatching is such the most commonform of theft across the world. It is supposed that around 2, 000, 0000 bags are snatched per day in the whole world.
So, we must be choosy while thinking about bags. There are a variety of travel bags which not only keep our goods but also protect them. Some of the best travel bags are Backpack, The Cross Body, Tote, Clutch, The Hobo, and the Bum-bag.

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Backpack is very convenient to use while travelling as you can carry it with ease even while carrying heavy belongings. It is especially very helpful for long distance journey. It has lockable zips besides some secret pouches which discourage the thieves. Likewise, Cross Body bag is also very useful as it lets you enjoy sightseeing without any problems. Tote looks stylish besides being comfortable. The Hobo and Bumbag are also very practical for zip closure and extra compartments.

Most widespread things that women keep while travelling
Most widespread things that women keep while travelling
The bag snatching incidents are very common almost in all part of the world. The worth of common things women have in their hand bags have been estimated at around $ 2,000.
These common things are Sunglasses, Kindle/Books, Wallet, ipod, Headphone, Moisturiser, Passport, and Phone. When a woman’s travel hand bag is stolen or snatched, she losses around $2000 so it is very important that women keep some do’s and don’ts in mind to avoid bag snatching and stealing.

Do’s & Don’ts
1. Keep cash and bank cards separately – You must not keep your cash and card together. If something unpleasant like bag snatching or stealing happens, you will have at least one source to assist you financially. You will not be empty handed and you can manage things in a better way.
2. Keep your bag carefully while dining – A gourmet treat can leave anyone drooling but while on vacation it is important to keep a watch on your bag rather than just drooling over delicacies. While dinning, if you are not alert, you may lose your bags. If possible, keep your bags on your lap. Alternatively, loop the handle of the bag strongly around the leg of chair but make sure the handle is slash-proof.
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3. Be watchful on the public transport – Most cases of stealing or snatching bags happen in public transport, so you better watch out while taking that bus or train. Always tuck it tightly under your arms. You can also carry it across of your chest.
Be on your guard while shopping – Everyone likes shopping for new things. But there can always be instances where you get excited about shopping, and become somewhat careless about your bags. This offers thieves and snatchers a chance to carry your bags away with them. So, you should never hang your bags off the hook of bath room or a chair. You should always keep an eye on it while shopping.

4. Avoid fake cards – While travelling, you should not keep fake cards with you because muggers may take it for real, and they may make efforts to steal or snatch your bag.
Try to keep away from crowd – while travelling, you should always be alert about your goods. You should also try to stay away from commotion. If you see a couple fighting, or a mob gathering at a corner, don’t get involved or follow them. It may be a trap for snatching and stealing your bags.
So always keep your eyes open and make sure you are mindful about the aforementioned tactics. Travel distances, stay safe!

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