Have a green Diwali , Use LUCI Solar Lantern


Celebrating Diwali, a new Green Diwali! Away from all the non-renewable sources and the typical gifting ideas this festive season, lets plan and think of gifting something new, something renewable and something that can brighten the lives of all our loved ones. The new solar lantern is the perfect gift one can think of while choosing gifts for their dear ones. Easy to use and with great power, this Luci solar lantern is a renewable product that has been designed for people who look for quality long lasting products.

Luci – Solar Lantern

The solar lantern is waterproof, light weight, easy to carry and extremely portable for all kinds of trips. It functions like a flash light, task light and also diffuses like a lantern, throwing its light uniformly when needed. It is a perfect lantern packed with all the features together for its users. The Luci solar light is one of the most important accessories needed for people who camp frequently and are always on the go. Moreover, it has been designed perfectly, allowing the user to pack it easily into their bags. You can simply collapse the structure like a flat pancake and pack it inside your bagpack.

The lantern has highly efficient solar panels and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can guide you through the darkest areas easily. Charging the lantern is also very easy. All you need to do is, keep it open in the sun and allow it to get charged automatically. The lantern is a perfect addition to the kit of any biker, camper and traveler, helping the shed away the dark and enjoy bright light for all their purposes.

Moreover, the Luci lantern is eco-friendly which makes it better than other flashlights. So, this diwali, when you are in the dilemma of choosing gifts for your dear ones, opt for smarter choices like the Luci solar Lantern and bring light to the lives of all.