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A recent trending image on the net compares a woman’s brain to surfing the internet with 2,857 tabs open. The definitive statement reads, “All. The. Time.” To put it simply; women are amazing!

Okay, so we’re celebrating Women’s Week here at SafetyKart. It was only in the flow of things that we should have a blog post on care products for women.

In a cultural and political potpourri like India, it’s amazing to see an increasing number of empowered women – working, travelling and living on their own accord. This statement may appear a little bland to anyone who’s the product of modern India. Modern India is constantly changing and so is the modern Indian woman.

However, in this bright scheme of things there are, still, many gaping concerns for women in India. The issues of security and care are heavy knots that need to be undone, for women to truly enjoy equality.

To contribute, on our part, we’ve compiled a list of must haves for the travel kit or bag for every woman on the move. The aim is to address the issue of self-defence and care that every woman should be ready with. Why so? Because it’s better to provide solutions than address grim reality helplessly.

Here are a few essentials that every woman should keep handy, in no particular order.

Pee Safe™ Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Pee Safe

The Pee Safe™ Toilet Seat Sanitizer spray is a product that does not need any advertising because of, both, name and necessity. Recent studies have shown that 60% of women are likely to contract Urinary Tract Infections in their lifetimes. Most of these cases are due to unhygienic sanitary conditions which women are subject to.

Pee Safe™ Toilet Seat Sanitizer spray eliminates 99.9% of germs in 5 seconds from any surface that it is sprayed on. Therefore, it is an essential for women as part of their toilet or travel kit.

Bodygard Pepper Spray

bodygard-pepper-sprayOne cannot ignore the increasing number of molestation and rape cases across India and the world. Women, nowadays, are targets of sexual violence in places where it, erstwhile, wasn’t considered possible. Therefore, it pays to be ready with self-defence for any possible situation.
The Bodyguard Spray is a precise self-defence option and delivers extracts of Oleoresin Capsaicin, extracted from red chilli and pepper. It is an effective means of non-lethal, non-toxic self-defence. The attacker is temporarily blinded for around 45 minutes after delivery of the sprayed ingredients.
Designed to protect, the Bodyguard Spray is an essential in every woman’s purse or backpack.

First Step Pee Buddy

Here’s a shocking fact. UTI’s are 10 times more common in women, than in men. However, men have the literal advantage of being at safe distance from germs at an unhygienic restroom, which women do not. Unhygienic sanitary ware at public restrooms may carry pathogens of diseases ranging from from Diarrhea to Herpes. The First Step Pee Buddy is a revolutionary product made of waterproof paper which allows for women to stand and pee in less than friendly places. Easy to use, dispose and carry it can be stashed in any personal travel kit and is a safeguards feminine hygiene.

Spraymintt Instant Mouth Freshener

Let’s face it. Oral hygiene is a must for everywhere in life. Be it in the boardroom or the bedroom, foul tactics or foul breath can spoil the mood for everyone.  Spraymintt mouth freshening spray has reinvented itself and is now better than ever. A simple spray from this mouth freshener will erase the memory of the meal you just enjoyed and keep you from sharing it with everyone. A warning to ladies everywhere, don’t be caught off guard, without it.

Wiclenz Premium Bed Bath Towels

We all know that presentation matters. Ever imagined turning up for an important meeting, after braving traffic, only to be oily and feel uncomfortable. The Wiclenz Premium Bed Bath Towels are pre-moistened bed bath wipes and approved for no rinse disinfection; hence the perfect solution. Packed with moisturizers, these bed bath wipes leave the skin hydrated and fresh after any ordeal. Designed, primarily, for the waterless bathing of people not allowed mobility due to medical reasons, these bed bath wipes require just a few strokes to have you refreshed and ready in no time.

DOMKINPPY Biodegradable Disposable Bags

Biodegradable Disposable Bags
Disposing feminine hygiene products can be quite a task, especially if they are intimate care products. For the woman on-the-move, this may prove to be a headache. Domkinppy’s Biodegradable Disposable Bags allow you the leisure of doing so discreetly and hygienically. Once sealed, the bags do not open and prevent contact as a measure of safety. Also, the Domkinppy Biodegradable Disposable Bags are ISO certified for bio-degradability and are pro-environment.

By Harshal Agarwal

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