Have You Childproofed Your Home?


It is true that a baby’s cute smile can eliminate your all day stress. The actual meaning of affection & love come to know after one gives birth to a baby. We can understand that the happiness is out of the world but have you ever think about your child’s safety and care when you are not around? There is no doubt that a child is safe when he/she is with mother. On the other hand, baby is unaware of the dangers at home when not with you. SafetyKart has taken a huge step to overcome this concern from your life.

Now, do you have answers to all these questions below?

  • What should we do to protect our child from falling down the stairs?
  • How can we baby proof our kitchen without installing all of those cabinet & drawer latches?
  • What should we do to prevent our baby going outside every minute?
  • What is the best possible step to keep my baby away from electrical socket?

Just like the above mentioned questions, you can ask your questions related to childproofing on our platform. Your questions will be answered by Vikas Bagaria, Founder-SafetyKart.

Feature Image Source: startribune.com