Here Are 8 School Memories We Still Cherish!!

School Days

It is said that school is our second home where we learn a lot about life and experience the smallest things in a bigger way to become a person with learning, intellect and values. Though we have crossed our life long back, we still miss those days when we only got scared with examination results, tests, when we found joys in meeting our friends everyday and celebrating every tiny moment with them. Home made food inside every tiffin box filled our appetite with delight.

Caring for each other gave an immense happiness from within ourselves. And not to forget the Annual Sports Day which led victory to our individual House colors on particular athletic events. Sometimes, I simply want to go back to my school days and restart my life from thence.

Life was really a tale with scent of roses. Lets see if you get nostalgic on reading any of these!

1. Teacher’s Scoldings:

teacher's scolding

We still miss our teachers who used to punish us for not bringing notebooks in class rooms. The punishment meant standing outside the classroom for the entire period.

2. Assembly:


“There shall be showers of blessings” is the most popular prayer hymn along with “Humko man ki Shakti dena” in every school. Standing in the queue and folding palms to sing the hymn was a discipline that started the day with a kick.

3. Class Tests:

Class Tests

Oh my my!! Again a surprise Maths Test! Ananya always wanted to sit beside Abhishek as he used to score the highest!!

4. Lunch Breaks:

Lunch time

The short break passed away with completing assignments and class works but the 45 minute long lunch break gave us time to share our lunch box with friends.

5. Play Ground:


Zero period or the Games period was the most awaited period of the entire time-table for the week. Basketball, football, badminton or relays made us active and fit for the rest of the week.

6. School Bell:

School Bell

The school bell taught us to be punctual no matter what. It tolled after every subject class got over and made us prepare for the next. This also taught us to complete our work on a given time.

7. First Crush:


And all of us were excited when the school reopened after a long vacation. This meant one could again meet his/her crush.

8. Playing Pranks:


Pulling each other’s legs were a part of our lives during school days. “Hey Karan, Tanya is looking at you! Just a joke buddy!”

Gosh! School days were really the best days. I cherish each and every moment spent inside the school boundary.

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