Holding your Pee – Not a Healthy Choice!

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Before we hit the bed every night, we all make sure to go and empty our urinary sacs for a peaceful sleep all night. But what happens when the body signals us to go and pee in our sleep or during work or at a shopping mall? Do we really wake up or simply try and avoid it, until the bladder gets ready to burst out? Holding your pee and avoiding the need to emptying the urinary sac due to your extreme office load or a stinking dirty public toilet can lead you to certain health conditions. The threat to contract a UTI or any other infection can always be treated with the aid of a quality toilet seat sanitizer such as PeeSafe that kills germs within seconds and gives you a hygienic porcelain chair to get rid of your extreme body pressure. However, in order to know more about controlling your pee and its affects on the body, here are a few points that can help you gain the best knowledge about your pee breaks.

How long can you hold your pee?

There are a few factors that contribute to your body’s capacity to hold your pee. Normally, a woman can hold her urine for 3 to 6 hours, but this period and frequency depends largely on the amount of urine made by one’s body and the hydration status. It also largely depends on the capacity of one’s urinary bladder, its size and sensitivity. And this detail varies from woman to woman.

Is it necessary to pee every few hours?

The need to go and pee every few hours is not quite a right thing. For every small urinary sensation, you don’t have to rush to the porcelain chair. But, avoiding it and waiting for your bladder to get full and then running to the bathroom is surely not a good idea. It may also lead to cramp like conditions.

What can be the worst effect on your body for holding your pee?

In the worst cases, you may conceive a urinary Tract Infection, UTI which can be treated with antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. If affected by UTI, you will feel the urgency to pee in every few minutes. This is surely not a good thing for your health and needs to be treated by your doctor. Kegel exercises and medicines combined can help you improve your overactive bladder.

Can you control your body and its need to pee more frequently?

Staying hydrated is a good thing for your body. Drinking water is a good habit for your health which cleanses and detoxifies your system from within. But, if your bladder is sensitive and signals you to pee after every short time, then distracting your mind is a good choice to increase your bladder’s capacity.

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This post was first published in March 2015

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