How CCTV Surveillance Cameras Help Improve Our Life?


Safety is our major concern in these days. With the increasing use of CCTV cameras and surveillance units, there is an unseen protective shield around us, something we can just feel. Ask yourself a question. Would you feel safe in a surrounding that is populated by hundreds of unknown people? Would you feel safe shopping from a super-mart, a place where even a criminal minded person has the right purchase his needs? Being a woman, would you feel safe working in an office that is dominated by men, fearing sexual harassment? No. The answer will be unanimous.

The presence of CCTV cameras indirectly helps us stay secured. It creates a fear in the minds of people that somewhere somehow there are cops keeping an eye on them. And this fear of being caught and imprisoned prevents them from crossing the decency line or preventing crimes from taking place. Since the CCTV cameras and surveillance systems have been invented, they have been used widely in almost all fields, including work, security and home. Today, they are made compulsory in almost every public place, including buses, trains, shopping malls, shops, offices, etc. And the main reason behind this is the increased safety of the people. So, here are 4 simple and known reasons why and how CCTV surveillance systems have improved our lives.

Public Safety

When you are out on the streets, you are continuously under the surveillance of a network cameras. Every move you make, it is recorded by the cameras. And yes, every wrong move can put you behind bars legally. This is one reason why sex offenders, stalkers and other criminal minded people stay composed in public places, attacking you only when you are alone or in an isolated area that is away from the camera’s vision. So, the next time you go out and feel safe, thank the police and the security officials for installing surveillance cameras every place.

Workplace Safety

When it comes to security, it means both, public place security and workplace security. A security camera installed in your working premises automatically helps your staff to work more focused on their work and also secures you from sexual harassment in your office. As an employer, you get increased business results which automatically helps you boost your business growth.

School Safety

In the recent years, we have seen a lot of students committing suicide due to ragging, sexual torture and even mass open firing which has killed hundreds. But, with the presence of surveillance cameras, these activities have been restricted and in certain cases even stopped before they could do much more damage. Thanks to these CCTV cameras, kids can now be safe in school focusing solely on their studies, their dreams and the fun times. Illegal activities such as drugs and molestation are now found rare in the schools.

Personal Safety

One of the main reasons to installing CCTV cameras and bigger surveillance units is your Personal safety and the security of your personal assets. We all are naturally born selfish, selfish enough to secure our lives first and foremost. This is one reason, people find it important to install CCTV cameras in their building, homes and even prized properties which are highly precious to us. With these cameras installed, we can prevent theft, burglary, stalking and even ensure personal security like no other.

So, now that you know how CCTV cameras have made the world we live in a better place, are you all prepared to install one in your own workplace, business or property?