How Safety Literate Are You?

literacy day

Today is the International Literacy Day. Literacy is not limited to having high educational credentials on paper. It is about being aware of norms necessary to sustain harmony within individuals and supreme authorities. And when talking about awareness, the first thing that comes to mind is safety. Being safe and keeping those around you safe, is the biggest responsibility of a literate adult. But are you really safety literate? Are you aware about all the tricks which you must know in order to lead a safe and secure life? Let’s look at some of the safety hacks which very few people know about but can actually guard you from potential harm to a great extent.

Keeping Your HOMES Safe

A dummy surveillance camera can guard off potential threat. You can make one at home using your webcam!

Whenever going out, pretend to be saying goodbye to someone at home. This eliminates the risk of your house coming across as empty/unguarded, keeping burglars off it.

Don’t go overboard on Facebook about you being away on a vacation. You are literally inviting trouble. Even if you do so, make sure the status is limited to close friends, people you can trust.

Fake it! In case you can’t afford real alarm systems, buy fake alarm system decals and put them on the main door. You can easily find  plenty of them online.

Secure the windows with wooden dowels or metal bars so that no one can force open them.

Safeguarding Yourself while TRAVELLING

If on a train or flight, stack valuable items in a neck wallet or money belt and wear it under your clothes. This will keep them safe even if you fall asleep.

You use the hotel locker to store away valuables, but what about the larger stuff like your suitcases, clothes or even footwear?! To protect these items from going into wrong hands, hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign outside the door while you are away, so that potential thieves think you are still inside.

If you are roaming around, checking out the place, stack your valuables in a paper bag or even a grocery bag and stuff it with general use items. Thieves are less tempted to attack grocery bags.

Click pictures of your passport, cards, booking details and itinerary and store them on the cloud so that they can be accessed easily from any computer.


Keep your wi-fi and bluetooth off. If open, hackers fool your phone into connecting with the wi-fi/Bluetooth devices they are carrying. Then, they can do whatever they want to do man!

Don’t underestimate the power of a strong password. For important mail/bank accounts make long paraphrases like +hisPl@tinumDr@gonBreathesF1re. Use a password manager. It helps you make a different password for every account.

Avoid sites which don’t have HTTPS before their URL. These sites are not encrypted and anyone can steal your data from these sites.

Think twice before buying a ‘smart’ internet-connected device. They aren’t safe and the data is at risk.

Being literate is more than just reading books, it is more about reading potential dangers that life might throw your way. Use these easy and cheap hacks to be a master in the study of safety!

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