How The Healthy Lifestyle Reverses The Ageing Process?


A healthy lifestyle is not just related to a healthy eating and exercising schedule. But, it has several positive effects on our life, including the ageing process. A healthy lifestyle actually has the power to reverse the ageing process, but only when you follow it with a pure determination. An unhealthy lifestyle pushes you into severe health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, etc.

Staying physically fit, following a proper exercising regime and enjoying a healthy lifestyle will always help you to live an ageless life. According to a study, a healthy lifestyle helps keeping the telomeres (tiny caps) present on the chromosomes intact for a longer duration. These telomeres are protect us from the ageing process. They help keep the chromosomes stable in our body and also prevent from deterioration. Also known as the 'Chromosomal Clock', the telomeres shorten as we age which increase our chances to conceiving several infections. Thus, better your lifestyle, healthier you live and  younger you stay. But enjoying a healthy lifestyle is not always an easy task. You need to follow a better food schedule and a better exercising regime, along with following a healthy lifestyle. So, here are a few tips to help you retain your youth for almost a decade longer.

1. Give away bad habits such as smoking. This is the first and basic step to enhance your youth. Smoking leads you to heart diseases, lung disorders and also other health conditions that decrease your long life.

2. Drink moderately. Drinking alcohol may give you a high, but when it fuses in with your body cells, it damages the genes and liver. Thus, indirectly it decreases your long life. However, drinking a glass of wine everyday has been proved to be beneficial for your health.

3. Sleep well! If you want to retain your youth, you need to sleep long hours. The time you sleep, your body cells get repaired while your heart gets proper rest. Moreover, your mind gets proper rest.

4. Take help of a good anti-ageing doctor, a geriatrics. A specialist can give you the right information and tips on how to stop your ageing process. Anti-ageing is like the anti-puberty process or an anti-pregnancy process. All you need to do is just follow the right steps and hold on your ageing process for a longer time.

5. Reduce the amount of saturated fat consumption while increasing the intake of omega 3 fats. In simple words, eat less red meat, less cakes and ice-creams while increasing the intake the complex carbs, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eat fish such as Salmon and Mackerel for healthy fats and omega 3.

6. Restrict you calorie intake. According to studies, it has been proved that by restricting the calorie intake, you reduce the strain from your body, giving rest to your system.

7. Take supplements only after consulting your doctor. A lot of people these days suffer from overconsumption malnutrition, taking up too many wrong things. On the contrary, consuming the right amount of nutrition, will only help you to stay young.

8. Live happily. Remove guilt and worries from your life. Living a stress free life automatically helps you to stay young.