How To Choose A Mosquito Repellent?


Summer means outdoor activities and fun time! But, along with outdoor activities comes one small little hitch which if not cared at the right time, can also lead to severe health conditions such as malaria, dengue, etc. So, once you are preparing for your outdoor fun activities this summer or the nearing monsoon season, make sure you choose a good skin sensitive mosquito repellent or an insect repellent. But, how do you know that the mosquito repellent you are choosing is good for your sensitive skin and will also keep you away from mosquitoes and other insects?

In case you choose the wrong mosquito repellent, you may suffer from allergies and other skin conditions. And yes, they may leave behind several unwanted marks all over your skin. This is one reason why you need to choose a good quality and Natural Insect repellent for your outdoor activities this summer.

How to Choose the right Mosquito Repellent?

With the increasing use of mosquito repellents and their effect on mosquitoes, a large number of companies have come up with several types and brands of Mosquito repellents. Today, you can choose anything from mosquito repellents in the form of stickers, hand bands, sprays and even body lotions. All you need to do is know which one to choose best for you.

Here are simple tips on how you can choose these mosquito repellents from your local medical store.

  1. Check the brand

There are several brands now providing you with mosquito repellents. But amidst these many brands, choose the brand that you are aware of or the one which has a good record in manufacturing skin based products. Make sure the brand is medically certified under the Medical Association panel. Don’t go for brands that are new, offer you repellents at lowers rates and have poor packaging. Choose only quality products.

  1. Check whether the ingredients are natural or not

Whenever you choose repellents, go for natural ingredient based mosquito repellents. For instance, in stead of choosing chemical based insect repellents, choose an anti-mosquito repellent that is made out of natural ingredients such as Eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, horsement or even catnip. Natural products have no reaction on your sensitive skin, but are surely the best solution for keeping mosquitoes and other insects away from you during your fun filled summer outdoor activities.

  1. Check the reaction on your skin

No matter what brand you are purchasing, always go for the small trial pack first. Try the product on a small patch of your skin to check for reactions. If the product suits you, you will not have any skin irritation or skin darkening. If the product doesn’t suit your skin, it will surely cause you skin irritation, rashes and also skin pigmentation (skin darkening). So, try the product once before you buy it.

  1. Check for mosquito bites after application

Once you apply the anti-mosquito repellent, check for mosquito bites on your body. If you still have mosquito bites, remember to change the repellent and try a better option. In case the repellent is successful, then all you need to do is simply apply it and then enjoy your summer activities without the fear of mosquito bites.

With these points now known to you, choose the best mosquito repellent for yourself. So, this summer and the coming monsoon season, enjoy all your activities with great fun.