How To Choose A Pollution Mask?


Pollution and diseases are both interconnected with each other. More the pollution in our surroundings, more the number of diseases affecting us. This is one reason why most people nowadays try choosing home that are far away from the pollution of the cities. But, for all those who work in offices and need to reach their workplace in time, staying outside the city doesn’t seem to be a good choice. Instead, of settling out, you have to learn ways to protect your health from the increasing pollution. And using a pollution mask to escape the deadly effects of pollution seems to be the perfect choice.


With a pollution mask, you can easily escape breathing in smoke, soot and other harmful gases mixed with air. These masks have filters that help remove the un-friendly molecules from the air and allow you to breath-in only pure air. You may have seen people wear these masks while cleaning their homes, their garages or while walking through the dirty city streets. But, you can also use them to protect yourself from the pollution while driving your car or cycling on the roads.

So, in order to help you make the best benefit of using this mask, here are small steps on how to choose the best pollution mask for you. Choose wisely and use them carefully to stay protected from the various harmful effects of air pollution.

Is the mask fit and Sealed?
Check of the mask you are choosing is fit and seals well against your face. If the mask doesn’t seal to your face, the contaminated air will easily flow from the loose ends and affect you. So, make sure the mask fits your face perfectly.

Check Filter
Check the filter system in your mask. The filter should be able to remove even microscopic particles from the air along with the toxic gases that mix easily into the air that we breathe.

Is it comfortable?
Now that you have checked the filter and its fitting, make sure you also check the comfort level of using the mask. If the mask is not comfortable to wear, then using it will not matter at all. the mask should be light weight and cause minimal discomfort to its wearer.

pollution mask

Easy to use
Make sure the mask you choose is easy to use. It should be easy to attach, easy to clean and carry wherever you want, without any hassle.

Check the cost
Once the above features have been checked, only then check the cost of the mask. Also make sure that the filters are replaceable. It should be reasonable and not make a hole in your pocket.

Apart from being extremely reasonable and easy to use, the pollution mask should also be easily available in the market for use. You may find a number of pollution masks available in the market, but not all offer you quality filtration. In such conditions, choose the masks that provide you protection against harmful gases and have a Velcro strap for easy attachment.

Electrolet filter
Before buying, learn a bit about the mask and its filter system. This knowledge will help you choose the best mask to fight pollution. Choose filters that can remove even the smallest airborne particulates that can be as small as 3 microns.

Flexible strap and mask
Make sure the mask has flexible strap which can accommodate itself based on the shape of the face. The strap and the mask should be flexible enough to be used at least 400 times without breaking. The mask should not make breathing difficult. Instead it should be easy to change and breathe through the mask.

pollution mask

Easy to clean
The mask you choose should also be easy to clean, wipe and dry. This way, you can keep it clean and hygienic always.

Choose a mask that is made out of anti-viral material. This way, you can automatically prevent a number of diseases and infections.

With these details in mind, you can now fight pollution easily with the help and use of the best pollution masks.


This post was first published in february 2015 

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