How to Choose The Right Backpack


For all those of you who love to indulge in photography, you would agree that lugging around a heavy bag can be a pretty daunting task. Conventional camera bags are designed to hold the entire weight of the equipment only on one shoulder. This was not only cumbersome, but also caused a lot of pain the shoulder that was taking in the weight.

To battle this issue and making carrying around equipment easy, customised backpacks were introduced that became one of the most convenient options for photographers. Yes, we do agree that backpacks are a boon to anyone who lugs around the camera and its heavy lenses. A backpack allows you balance the weight evenly on your back and it is more convenient to carry in comparison to the conventional camera bag.

But before you set out to buy a backpack for yourself, you need to ask yourself the following questions:
• Are there any other activities that I plan to carry out when I am shooting?
• Will I require carrying the backpack long distances when I am out shooting?
• Can I combine it with my hiking gear?
• Can I stow in the overhead compartment (if you are flying anywhere)
• Will it be comfortable to carry, especially if I am going to be using it when I am going for a hike or a trek
• Can it double up as an overnight bag just in case of a short trip?

Now that you have considered the questions, keep in mind the following points when you are zeroing in to buy a backpack.
• The backpack should be big enough to store all your camera kit, yet small enough to be lugged around anywhere you travel.
• Invest in a backpack that that adequate padding and dividers that will secure your gear when you carry your back pack. Dividers also allow you to customize the packing of the equipment.
• The backpack needs to be comfortable when loaded, so strap in on your shoulder to check the comfort level.
• Avoid thin straps because they will hurt your shoulder. A well-padded shoulder strap will ensure comfort and you can also carry such bags on hikes and treks.
• The backpack should have extra pockets that will allow you to organise accessories.

Now that we know what you need in a backpack, let’s introduce you to some camera bags that may help you choose one you want! Did we also mention that you can also use these backpacks to store your laptop and other accessories?

Why the Pelican Series?

The Pelican Series – S115, S130 and U160 are the perfect companions for the backpacks. Let us look at each of the bags and their specifications. All of Pelican’s backpacks are watertight, crushproof and offers a lifetime warranty. All of the Pelican backpacks meet the airline requirements, so you can stow in the overhead compartment. The laptop casing in these bags are water-tight and the camera body is water resistant, so you won’t need an extra cover to protect the bag from rain.

Pelican S115

The Pelican Progear S115 Sport Elite Laptop or the Camera Backpack is one of the best solutions for your expensive camera gears and your laptop. This portable, compact and protective case is a fusion of the conventional hard case and a padded backpack. The front compartment of this backpack with its padded dividers can hold and protect multiple camera bodies, lenses, flashes and other camera equipment. As a laptop bag, you can carry your 17″ laptop in it. Additional features in this case include a tripod carrier that allows you to strap your tripod onto it.

Pelican S130
This Elite Laptop/Camera Divider Pack features a removable camera compartment with adjustable padded dividers for housing cameras and lenses. The front storage compartment can be used to store other accessories when the camera bag is not in use. This sturdy bag has been designed to safeguard all of your expensive equipment like your laptops, camera gear, keyboards, tablets and other accessories.

The removable padded divider set in this bag is a high-impact, protective polymer door that protects the camera body, any extra lenses that it is holding and well as the other fragile equipment. The bag also houses an additional storage in the form of a storage compartment that can hold small accessories like a mini tripod. This bag is recommended for frequent travellers, passionate photographers who want to protect their high value equipment.

Pelican U160

The removable padded divider in this backpack is set to protect the expensive camera body, extra lenses and other accessories that you are carrying. The padded dividers allow you to customize the equipment in the bag and when removed, the case can double up as a backpack that is large enough to fit in clothes and other accessories.

The padded upper compartment can be used to store accessories like data cables, hard disk and it also has an additional pocket to store a tablet. You can also store a cleaning kit, camera batteries and chargers in the backpack’s upper compartment. The storage compartments have a contrasted yellow interior that allows an easy interior visibility. Other features include tripod carrier straps and multiple side pockets to organize smaller objects.  Additional features in this case include a tripod carrier that allows you to strap your tripod onto it. This hard box carrying gear with the solid s-curve spine and the specially designed load lifters and the adjustable waist belt keep the backpack close your back. This one is one of the preferred options for protecting your expesive equipment.

Wouldn’t you pay for a backpack that eases the weight on your shoulders and allows you to indulge in your creativity without a worry because you know that your expensive gear is well protected? Invest in a back pack that protects your expensive equipment and your energy.

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