How To Deal With Pregnancy Nausea?


If you ask any woman, becoming a mother is her greatest happiness. Pregnancy is a joyous ride, but dealing with pregnancy nausea can become a morning sickness. How to overcome it? That’s what we are going to discuss in this blog.

Don’t inundate yourself with work

During pregnancy, it is not advisable to put yourself to work for hard chores. Don’t drag yourself out of the bed for tasks because this will only compound the effects of nausea. You deserve break from all work purposes. Your body is already doing a lot of work overtime in terms of growing that baby of yours. You deserve all the rest.

Another thing which you can do is to schedule a “vacation”. Go for a pleasant vacation during your 7th or 8th week, when the pregnancy nausea intensifies.

Also you need not disclose your pregnancy news to other coworkers or colleagues before you are ready. The break time during your vacation will help you recover both physically as well as mentally.

nausea during pregnancy


Smell something fresh and sweet

Pregnancy nausea is often smell sensitive. Whether it is the less-than-pleasant smell of the garbage, or smell of a colleague’s perfume in some crowded elevator, certain aromas will cause your tummy to rumble

Estrogen is the name of the hormone that is responsible for sense of smell. If you possess high estrogen levels (usually observed in women during pregnancy) your nose turns highly sensitive. As a result, ugly odors are something you should stay away from. It is because these smells will make you feel nauseated.

There are times when you are not able to open a window or say walk away from the odor. During these times sniff fresh scents or perfumes.

Always carry lemon extract bottle or a spire of fresh rosemary with you in your bag. Sniff whenever needed.


It may give you a feeling of staying cautious or watching your words during pregnancy. However, the feeling of self-sufficiency should not hold you from expressing what you feel. It is crucial in alleviating your pregnancy nausea. Your husband may be unaware that his scented soap makes you feel nauseated; tell him. You feel nauseated after getting a kiss post a dinner meal, express it. It is no harm in telling how you feel but not telling will definitely cause harm to you. Let others know how you feel and also suggest measures which can make you feel better. (And eventually your mood will improve and your hubby will also feel better.)

Monitor the occurring

The nausea you may feel is random. It comes by and goes by on an ad-hoc basis. However, it may not be the case. For instance, if you get nauseated during evening times every day, it may be because of certain smells swaying from the neighbors’ room. Feeling queasy at 3 p.m.? A coworker’s midafternoon microwave popcorn binge could be the culprit.

The point is to identify your sickness triggers and avoid them.

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