How To Drive Safely During Heavy Rains?


Thunders, cyclonic winds and heavy rains!! It is that time of the year when everyone, who drive vehicles take a little extra care of their cars and bikes, only to ensure a safe drive when the rains pour in. Although everyone welcomes the season with a lot of love and excitement, there is always a little hitch regarding the safety issues during the rainy season. The roads get slippery, you come across sudden wind gusts, poor visibility and flooded roads, all of which contribute to increased risk especially while driving your vehicle. This rainy season, if you are looking forward to a completely safe and enjoyable monsoon season, then here are a few driving safety tips that you may want to indulge into.

Check your Vehicle

Before the monsoon season begins, it is important that you get your vehicle checked. Replace the cracked and old wipers. Also make it a point to check the tires and replace them timely. Make sure that the headlights, brake lights and the brakes are working just fine.

Plan ahead

Once the vehicle has been checked properly, its time you make your plans ahead in time. Respect the season and remember to leave earlier than your scheduled time. This will help you to reach your destination in time.

Drive slowly

During this season, the roads usually have oil spills and small ditches which can lead to big accidents, if you don't drive carefully and slowly. This is one reason why you need to drive slowly and with a lot of time in your hand.

Don't tail drive

While the rain is pouring heavily, it is important that you don't tail drive on the roads. You never know when the vehicles ahead of you may suddenly skid, lose control or even meet with an unfortunate accident. If you tail drive, one small accident can cause a huge car pileup, Also causing damage to your vehicle and threatening your life.

Pull over safely

In case you wish to pull over on the roads due to certain reasons, make sure you pull over at the right place. Pull over your vehicle away from trees, away from electric wires and lamp posts and not on a bridge. during the monsoon season, pulling over in these places is the worst possible choice you may make. Due to heavy rains and winds, there are chances of trees falling off, similarly lamp posts. Also, its always risky with electric wires and bridge which may breakdown, risking your life.

Avoid flooded roads

When traveling through your city, there are roads that easily get flooded with water due to their lower level. Travelling through these roads may turn risky. Your vehicle may get stuck in the flowing water which may further risk your life.

Focus on road

During the monsoon season, its a treat to the eyes to see the lush green meadows, the small ponds, flowing rivers and the sudden lightening. But, diverting your mind from driving to these scenic beauties is not really worth your life. You may actually meet with accident while watching these natural landscapes around you.

Carry a Car Emergency kit

During the rainy season, its always wise to carry with you a car Resqme emergency tool which helps you break the windows and thus helping you come out safely. These kits are greatly helpful, especially when there are sudden water clogs and floods which may affect your vehicle's auto-locking system. In the previous years, a lot of people have died due to getting trapped in their cars after floods.

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This post was first published on 13th June 2015

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