How To Enjoy Camping And Hiking Safely In Wildlife Area?


Walking through the lush green landscapes, with the birds chirping their songs, the cool breeze touching your skin and the sun rays scattering down on you from amidst the sky scrapper tall trees! It all sounds so dramatic and lively! But, if you are a lover of Mother Nature, you know exactly what I am coming indicating to! Enjoying beautiful camping and hiking activities amidst the beauty of Mother Nature, especially the Wild life areas, one feels alive. You get a chance to live and watch closely the flora and fauna, around you. And may also get a chance to encounter some wild animal, in all his might. But, when you plan to spend some beautiful moments camping and hiking in the Wild life areas, you need to make sure you are SAFE and are well PREPARED to fight any situation that might come to you. So, here are 7 points that will help you Enjoy your camping and hiking Safely in the most beautiful Wild surroundings.

  1. Plan a Schedule and Follow it

Before you go camping and hiking, make a proper plan of where you intend to hike and camp. Plan a proper schedule about the number of days you wish to stay and the places where you intend to visit during the camp. Once you have a plan, make sure you follow it.

  1. Inform your location to a Close friend

With a perfect camping and hiking plan in your hand, it gets important that you inform about your plan and the details to someone who is back home and can help you in case of emergencies. Give them complete details about your camping location and keep them updated.

  1. Always be alert

When you are camping in some wild location, make sure you stay alert 24 X 7. You should be aware about camping and hiking basics, how to choose a safe place, how to look for footprints, claw marks, animal droppings, etc. that mark animal presence. Also, make sure you know how to use all the camping tools you have with you.

  1. Know how to deal with an Wild animal

Encounters with wild animals can be a common thing, especially when you are enjoying a camping trip in the wild. But, make sure you know how to deal with the wild animals. Make loud noise to scare them away, use a whistle, keep fire around and keep your hands raised when approached by an animal, to make you look taller. These will scare the animals approaching you.

  1. Stay well Equipped

When you go camping, you have to be well equipped to fight any situation that may come your way. Always carry military backpacks and tools that help in making your life easier during a camp. Use a fire starter, safety tools, medical kit, small stove for cooking food, basic cooking gears, swiss knife, proper tents and extra backpacks.

  1. Never Hike at Night

Make it a rule! never camp at night as wild animals have better night vision than us and they get more active after dusk. If you go out alone, you may risk your life and that of others camping with you.

  1. Don't go near dead animals

Also, when you camp and hike in the wild, you may come across several animal carcasses. Never go near them as there may be animals hidden around, protecting their food, who may attack you. Also, there may be traps to capture wild animals by hunters. So, make sure you stay away from the dead animals for your own safety.

This post was previosuly published on 4th November 2015.