How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin In Monsoon?


Come rains and we all start caring our skin a little more. The oiliness and fatigued look on your skin is all caused due to the humidity present in the air during the monsoon season. You may feel the urge to constantly wash your face in regular intervals, wipe it with a napkin to remove the excess oil and give your oily skin a fresh look. However, in order to take good care of your skin, you need certain skin care products that can help you keep your skin clean, oil-free and healthy, without acne. Below are a few products that you can use for your skin during the monsoon season.

Tip: Choose the products based on your skin type and sensitivity. Every product has variants based on your skin type which can be Normal, Oily and Dry skin.

Step 1: Use a Facewash

Use a skin type based face wash twice a day to keep the skin clean and oil-free. A facewash helps remove excess oil, balance the skin nutrition, opens up your clogged pores and keeps away infectant like dirt and bacteria away.

– Choose a mild facewash that cleanses your skin deeply but doesn’t make it dry.

– Never use a moisturizing soap on your face during the monsoon season.

– Use luke warm water to wash your face. The hot water helps remove excess oil form your ksin.

– Avoid using facial cleansers that are harsh and lead to dry skin.

Step 2: Use a Toner

Once you have washed your face, use a skin toner on your skin or an astringent to remove the oiliness. Make sure the toner has alcohol content in it.

– If you have a normal skin but an oily patch on your t-zone, use the toner only on the T-zone. Your forehead, nose and your chin are all the most oiliest spots on your face.

– When you get time, choose a cotton ball to apply the toner and cleanse your face.

– Remove the toner once it has dried on your skin.

Step 3: Use medicated pads to cleanse your face

It is a thumb rule for all dermatologists to use a medicated pad for cleaning your face or a simple bloating paper. The medicated pads are hygienic and infection free. They will help you clean your skin and not cause acne on your face. however, if you keep touching your skin with your bare hands, there are chances that you may catch an infection.

Step 4: Apply a Facial Mask to cleanse the skin

After using a facewash and a toner, if you skin still remains a bit oily, then using a face mask on your skin is an ideal option. A facial mask cleanses your skin from its depth, removes oil form the pores and prevents clogging. However, make sure that you use a facial mask only once a week as applying the mask frequently can cause excessive dryness as well.

Step 5: Use only oil-free skin products for your skin

Understand your skin type and then choose oil-free skin products that can help enhance the look on your face but not add oiliness to it.

– Use an oil-free moisturizer, if you have to.

– Use an oil-free sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of your skin.

– Cleanse your skin before you go to sleep, especially when you apply makeup over your skin.

With these tips, you can be rest assured of your skin’s health even in this humid monsoon season.

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