How To Give Up Sugar In 10 Easy Steps?


Giving up sugar from your daily intake, almost sounds like giving away a part of your soul, especially for those who have sugar-cravings! It can be your love for your sugary coffees, candies, energy bars, jams, cookies, or even ice-creams. So, when you are looking forward to giving away sugar, you need to go step-by-step for it and make sure you don’t look back again.

So, for all those brave-hearts who are determined to give away sugar intake, here are 10 simple steps to help you achieve your goal. Follow them and let us know whether my tips really did work for you.

  1. Know your sugary intakes

Whether it is fruit, pulses, rice or any eatable, they all content a little amount of natural sugar in them. Also, there are a lot of food items that have added sugar, which we consume almost daily. So, when you plan to quit sugar, make sure you know the food items that contain sugar. Read labels, taste food, drink juices and identify the ones with sugar in them. Once you know, it gets easier for you to choose which ones to quit.

  1. Never trust the ‘Natural’ tag

The term Natural gives a lot of relief especially when you wish to quit sugar. But, this is where you get fooled. Even the products with ‘Natural’ tag, include a huge amount of sugar in them. For instance, jaggery, agave, honey, coconut palm sugar, maple syrup, etc. they all have a sugar in them. So, control your consumption of these natural products also.

  1. Bin all your sugared snacks

If your cupboards are all stocked up with sugary eatables, simply trash them or give them away to others. These may include biscuits, jams, cookies, chocolates, candies, sugary ice-creams, processed sweet items, etc.

  1. Stock up healthy food

Replace the above mentioned sugary items with healthy snacks such as nuts, plain yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish and other baked items. Cook food with healthy olive oil and give yourself a real food treat with yummy food items that are not sugary at all.

  1. Control your cravings

Even whether you are a sugar lover or not, time and again, we all crave to eat something sugary to soothe our cravings. But, in order to control your cravings, you need to eat food that will keep sugary cravings in restraints. For instance, including cinnamon in your food can help control your sugary cravings. Also, don’t let your emotions rule your determination.

  1. Increase protein intake

Eating protein rich food can help overcome your sweet cravings. Eating nuts, oatcakes and other protein based food will keep you a lot.

  1. Carry lunch to work

Carry lunch with you to work. This will help you to avoid eating out and tempt towards the sugary snacks available in the eateries. Include salads tossed with sauces and also soups if you are eating out. Eggs, spinach and fish are all food items that can help you to stay away from sugared food.

  1. Healthy doesn’t include sugary fruits

Healthy food – Never fall into the trap for it. A lot of people follow healthy food including sushi and sweet fruits, etc. But, when you are giving away sugared food, it also means giving away sushi or sweetened sugar. Instead go for “low fat” food items.

  1. Take help of your friends

When you have friends and family to support you, your path becomes easier. So, let your friends and family know about your new decision of giving away sugar and ask their support to make the fight easier.

  1. Be easy on yourself

At the end, never forget that we are humans, and are tend to make mistakes. So, don’t be too harsh on yourself and instead, do give yourself a treat once in a week or a fortnight by allowing you to eat a little sugared food.

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