How to Keep your Home and Loved Ones Safe?

safe house

Keeping our home safe has been, is and will always stay our primary goal in life. No matter whether you have a small house, a decent apartment or a lavish villa, it is extremely crucial that you keep your little abode safe from all sorts of mishaps. And this is best possible when you stay aware, alert and prepared with the best cues to keep your heaven safe. So, here are 10 essential home safety tips suggested by paramedics and firefighters to keep your home safe always. Count them as basic tips, expert tips or some common sense based ideas, but they surely can help you keep safe from fires, burglars and any other unknown mishaps.

  1. Smoke Detectors: Install a smoke detector in your home to help you cease the fire before it spreads around across your entire house. A smoke detector sets off its alarm as soon as it detects smoke in the premises. The alarm gives you and your family enough time to get away safely or simply control the fire.
  2. Carbon Monoxide Detectors: An odorless gas, carbon monoxide is a slow poison that can cause nausea, headache and finally death if it is inhaled at a higher amount. A carbon monoxide detector detects this gas and helps you and your loved ones stay safe. The recent fire alarms have a carbon monoxide detector inbuilt in its own system.
  3. Fire Extinguisher: Cooking in the kitchen or fixing your car in the garage, it is important that you are secured with a fire extinguisher placed around you. A fire extinguisher can instantly help you cease the fire and secure the lives of your loved ones in the house. However, make sure the extinguisher is always charged to be used.
  4. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets (GFCI): Install a GFCI outlet in your bathroom and kitchen, or any place where water can come in contact with electronic items. The circuit trips off when an electrical appliance comes into contact with water accidentally. The outlet helps prevent electric shocks and short circuits.
  5. Water Heater Temperatures: We all love hot showers but not something that is hot enough to burn your skin or bruise you. Installing a water heater temperature will instantly allow you to keep a check on the water temperature and thus keep your bath time safe.
  6. House and Mailbox Labeling: Although this may seem to be a lame tip, but when it comes to emergency situations, it is these house labels and mail box labels that help an ambulance or firemen to reach you at the earliest. So, if smoke detectors are important, having your house and mailbox labeled with your name in reflective letters is equally important.
  7. First Aid Box: Keep your first aid box updated and away from the access of your little kids. Place it on your refrigerator, kitchen closet or any other place that cannot be reached by your kid. Also, if you are diabetic or have blood pressure, make sure to keep your medications and home check instruments away from the little hands of your kids. You have no idea what affect these medications may have on your kids.
  8. Home Cleaning Chemicals: In order to keep our home clean, germ free and highly sanitized, we use a number of home cleaning chemicals. Using these products is a great thing, but keeping them within the reach of your kids can be really hazardous. They may catch fire or cause chemical burns on your loved ones.
  9. Chimney Cleaning: Clean your chimney, if you have one, as blocked ones can cause flue fire that can spread fire even outside the house. So cleaning your chimney regularly is a sound option for a safer life.
  10. Keep Vacations Private: We all love going on to vacations. But, telling your friends and relatives about your trip may not prove to be a good option. A lot of people may come to know about your vacant house, making it a hotspot for burglars. So, if you really wish to keep your home safe from burglars, keep your vacations secret.
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