How to Maintain Playground Safety?

playground safety

Playgrounds are like heaven for children. How often have you witnessed children staying away from playgrounds? Very rarely, if you ever have.

Playgrounds are the best source of learning for children. They provide children with so many learning opportunities, from helping children learn the value of “activity” to the “activeness” acquired through performing the many activities or games on the playground. It gives the great opportunity to children to understand the importance of exercise and also promotes social interaction between children.

But do you know a crazy yet true fact? Children require minimum of 60 minutes exposure to some activity every day. Hence, it’s vital to make sure these so called play-friendly spaces known as playgrounds remain safe. Why so? It’s because every year, 76% children’s injuries happen on public playgrounds. Fortunately, many of these mishaps are preventable with fundamental supervision as well as safety habits.

There are certain playground safety tips which enable us to concentrate on maintaining healthy surrounding for children whilst preventing injuries and falls on playground.

Playground safety

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Following are some effective ways to get involved and contribute in order to playground safety

  • Remove loose items which can hurt children or cause any hindrance while they are on playground. Such items can be anything like necklace, scarves, bag, and clothes. Ensure children wear comfortable and closed shoes while playing with equipment.
  • Educate children about the dangers of pushing or shoving or tripping, or crowding others whilst engaged on the playground.
  • Did you know that nearly 70% of total playground injuries occur due to children falling to ground? Hence, ensure the playground surface is made up of materials like mulch, and sand, and rubber mats. Ensure the surfaces are not hard concrete, asphalt-laden, and packed dirt-laden or rocky.
  • Make sure playgrounds are well maintained and undergo regular inspections by quality personnel.

Other tips:

  • The preferences of children change with growing age. Hence, ensure the play areas for the younger children are separate from the older children.
  • Usually, playground areas are for 3 different categories of age groups which are infants under 2 years old, preschoolers from the age group of 2-5 years old, and children in the age group of 5-12 years old.
  • 50% of playground injuries occur due to climbing equipment. Hence, ensure the guardrails or barriers surrounding the play slides and other such equipment are enough raised such that they prevent children from falling off.
  • Make and distribute posters around schools as well as community areas encouraging safe playground behaviors and practices.

It’s very important to have someone supervising children up to certain age while they play. Adult supervision reduces and prevents occurrences of injuries by ensuring children are taking care of the safest behavior modes on playground. Also additionally, when injuries do occur, adults have the ability to administer and provide for first aid help right away to the children in need.

Do you have any playground safety tips? Share them in the comments section below.

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