How To Overcome Sexual Assault?


Women safety is a big problem today, not just in your city, your state or the country, but all across the world. Whether you are a teenager or a woman in your mid forties, there are always possibilities of suffering from sexual assaults. A woman can never be forced into a sexual act or be raped just because she is believed to be weak or alone. But, there is a small misconception about sexual assaults being related to only women. Sexual Assaults are not just about women being assaulted by men, but also about men being assaulted by women.

Today there are several ways to protect yourself from such attackers. Keeping silent about such acts is not wise and certainly not accepted. You need to first understand what sexual assault means and then act against it when you come across such a situation. Here is a small try in helping you understand about sexual assaults and the possible ways to fight it.

Understanding Sexual Assault

When two people are indulged in a sexual activity, it is important for both the partners to agree for it. In simple words, both partners want to have sex with each other. But, IF a Person Forces the Other Partner to Indulge Into A Sexual Act, it is Termed as Sexual Assault. This means that the sexual activity is forced on one of the partners.

  • A sexual Assault doesn’t have to be just Sexual Intercourse. It can also be touching the other partner without his/her consent.
  • A Sexual Assault can be any sexual act forced on another partner. Even touching private parts or being sexually abusive.
  • A Sexual Assault is not always related to a Woman or a teenage girl. It can be also related to your teenage boy.

Teen Sexual Assault

Teenage is the most difficult stage of life for a boy as well as a girl. With the body hormones playing with your mind and body, it gets easy for people to corrupt their thoughts and innocence. This is one reason why before you teach your teen kids the tips to access their latest gadgets, it is more important that you teach them the tips to prevent sexual assaults.

Facts About Teen Sexual Assault

  • Women of all ages are at a risk for sexual Assault.
  • Most cases of Sexual assaults are performed by people you know.
  • Teen boys have an equal possibility of suffering a sexual assault as Teen Girls.
  • Most cases of sexual assault happen when you are in the start of a relationship or when you are dating a partner.
  • Sexual assaults are not always forceful activities. The victim may also be threatened at gun point to have sex.
  • The victim may also be emotionally intimidated to have sex. IF the victim is not ready for sex and the partner forces her/him to have sex by saying words like, ‘If you love me, you will have sex with me’, ‘prove your love by letting me have sex with you’, ‘I will tell people that you had sex with me.’
  • Majority victims avoid reporting about a sexual abuse to the police or even to their parents.
  • The victims start feeling guilty about the act and feel helpless about their situation. As a result their self-esteem and confidence is tarnished.

How To fight Teen Sexual Assault?

  • Be informed about such activities. Know about Sexual Assault and don’t be afraid of it.
  • Be prepared for such activities. Be quick, use your power to fight your attacker. Always carry a pepper spray with you in your bag. You never know when you get forced by people for sex. The spray can blind the attacker and give you enough time to run away.
  • Shout and scream for Help.
  • Report about the activity to your parents or most trusted friends and then go to the nearest police station to report a complaint.
  • Do not shower, do not change clothes or get cleaned up. Instead, simply get your body medically examined for the crime.