How To Pack For Camping


Being well prepared for your camping tour is very important so that you’re equipped with all the essential items for your any need while in wilderness. All said and done, when you’re knee deep into your trip and planning, it is easy to forget some of the most important items and preparations. Here’s a guide on how to pack wisely for a fun camping trip.

First things first, you’ll have to initially pack the most important gears for camping.

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bags appropriate for the weather. Camping at high elevations would require you to have sleeping bags that would keep you warm.
  • Appropriate clothing to match any weather and kind of activities involved. If you’re planning a swim, pack in a swimsuit, summer clothing such as camisoles, Capri, tanks and shorts. A wind layer coat if you’ll be faced with cold, windy weather Make extra space in your suitcase by packing your lighter items while carrying or wearing the heavy ones.
  • First Aid kit – for treatment of burns, cuts, rashes or scratches that are bound to happen while camping in the wilderness
  • A pack of matches to start a fire without which your options to eat become minimal, your night cold and to ward of wild animals
  • Ropes and tarps
  • Flashlights or headlamps
  • Maps, GPS, compass
  • Animal repellants
  • Insect repellants and sunscreen
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Toilet papers
  • Kitchen tissues
  • Self defense tools
  • Knives / blades etc.
  • Food items – Granola bars, peanut butter, bagels, cereals etc.

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Before planning your trip, find out about the environment in which your campsite is – whether the area would be sandy, high on vegetation, waterfront or a rocky terrain. Pick your tent so that it is water proof, weather proof and easy to assemble and is best suited for the location you’ve chosen.

Months before your camping trip, make a list of things that you would require for the trip and start your shopping instead of saving all the shopping for a day. This makes sure you get all the things you need while still having room to add things that you initially leave out. Make sure you don’t overdo it and bring things that you won’t use.

Depending on the number of days you have planned your trip, your mode of travel and the number of people you’re traveling with, pick your luggage to be as comfortable as possible. If you’re driving to your camp with a group, make sure your things don’t take up the entire trunk space. Pack in a way to save as much space as possible.

Have different backpack types for your different hiking expeditions. Have shorter backpacks for short hikes so that the carrying is easier for you. Don’t forget the physical exertion that the trip would warrant. You would want to make it as easier as possible.

Also, keep the things you’d first need when you reach your campsite easy retrievable.

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