How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Outing?


Outdoor activities are always fun, no matter whether you are with your family or friends! With the weather in its full bloom, hills and plateaus covered with the green carpet of Mother Nature, you are sure to enjoy your time camping in the beautiful outdoors, but only if you are well protected from mosquitoes and other insects. After all, you don’t want to get sick with dengue or other similar diseases after a refreshing outdoor trip.

But, planning a camping trip is not a child’s play. You need to make sure you do it in the best ways, without affecting the nature’s balance. Enjoying the outdoors without littering around or causing any unnecessary pollution, should be our primary aim. Thus, to help you organize and plan a perfect Eco-friendly camping trip, we have some of the most basic, yet important camping tips just for you. Follow them closely and you can enjoy a perfect green, eco-friendly camping trip with tons of fun and thrill.

  1. Don’t Buy Gears unnecessarily

Are you an avid adventurer? Well, if so, then you might probably own a good pair of camping gears. However, if you don’t then don’t waste your money on buying brand new gears which you may not use very often. Choose Second hand equipments. You will be surprised to find several shops providing you good quality camping gears.

  1. Digital Detox

Try and avoid carrying all unwanted electronic gadgets with you to your camp. Leave them back at home and enjoy your time with your friends and the natural beauty of Nature. However, you might just carry your cellphone for emergencies. But, carrying your mp3 player, ipad, etc is a big NO NO!

  1. Clever Cooking

Cooking in camps is not just about barbeques on wood fire, although barbeques are real fun! But, you can cook all that you need with the little camp stove that works on wood as fuel. From pastas to eggs, you can make anything you want.

Avoid carrying canned food to the camp, instead buy fresh local produce to cook your meals.

  1. Choose Re-usable dishes

Avoid carrying plastic products as much as possible. Instead, choose reusable dishes that you can wash and reuse for n number of times. You can find lightweight silverware and foldable plastic bowls and plates for cooking and eating your meals with ease during your outdoor adventures.

  1. Human needs in the Green

Can you avoid human needs, even when you are out camping? Well, certainly not! Not all camp sites have bathroom and toilet facilities available near them. However, if you don’t have toilets, simply follow the nature’s call and enjoy the open.  However, you need to fallow a few pointers here. Dig a small pit, 6 inches deep and then cover it up with mud once you are done. Throw away the soiled tissue papers into the pit itself or in a trash bag which you can later empty when you see a trash cans in the residential areas.

  1. Carry a trash bag

Throughout your camping trip, maintain a small trash bag to throw all the unwanted wastes into it. Don’t litter in the open. This will only cause more pollution and natural imbalance.

  1. Use Solar Power

Use solar power torch and lighting units to keep your camp site illuminated at nights. A solar charger will also help you to keep your mobile phone working for several days, apart from just keeping you away from the dark.

With these points mentioned here, it is time you enjoy a Green Outdoor Camping Trip with all your dear ones.