How To Remove Procrastination?

remove procrastination

Procrastination is your biggest enemy to success or completion of any task. When you set goals, it is important that you follow the required measures to accomplish your goals. And what is one of the major hurdles which prevents meeting your goals or objectives? It is procrastination.

However, many find it very hard to give up procrastination. The reasons can be many like tiredness, frustrated due to not able to produce something as desired, laziness and so on. In this blog, you will be enlightened with ten ways to reduce procrastination and related habits. These methods will help you stay on track and accomplish your goals without surrendering any comfort of yours.

The 10 measures to overcome procrastination are as follows-

What do you do on your Sundays?

It is advisable to spend time every Sunday planning the schedule of next week. You can take up the evening time for such task.  Make a note of the list of deadlines and appointments and meetings or any other priorities you have.  You can use a calendar for noting down all these details on specific dates. Put reminders for each task to be completed on the particular day and month. Also you will find it useful to put reminders the day before.

You can use your own watch to plan your days.

Bonus tips-

  • Use various color highlighters to emphasize the different events of the week.
  • If you’re most prolific in the morning, it is better you schedule the most significant tasks to be completed or attended to at that time.
  • If you find yourself more productive during mid afternoon, or evening or night times then plan accordingly. This will lead to more efficient results.

Avoid thinking unnecessarily

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For the tasks you are reluctant to do-

Remember that it is easier to achieve unpleasant or the unwanted tasks when you set deadlines. Set time limits for such tasks which you don’t want to do. In this way, that particular task becomes more bearable.

For example, it is easily justified working hard at some task for an hour than working on it for unlimited time.

Decide quickly if you want to keep papers-

If you cannot decide quickly, it is better to throw them away. Often, we keep the mails we receive to be read later.  However, we hardly read them.  Hence, it is sensible to keep or else throw away quickly at once you receive each piece of paper.

Pick a task to be done in the early morning-

Once you complete a task in the morning, your self-confidence rises due to accomplishment of something. This will greatly create a shield of motivation and positivity around you throughout the day regardless of how the day goes.

Don’t inundate yourself with huge tasks-

Categorize the tasks when they see large. Breaking them down in smaller steps makes the task easy to be accomplished. It now seems as small goals which are easily attainable than a huge daunting goal or task.

Set timelines like a task to be accomplished in the next 30 minutes or less.

Eliminate distractions-

Before taking on a task, get rid of distractions like turning off your phone and cell phone while at home. Put off the internet connection and you can also take help from a babysitter for a couple of hours and so on.

Such measures will prevent any interruption thus leading to successful completion of task.

Follow the plan, don’t divert-

Once you decide on a plan, don’t divert from it. Avoid abrupt revision of your plans.

Reward yourself-

Every time you accomplish something, reward yourself.

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