How To Stay Happy When You Are Alone?


Lonely… Mr. Lonely.!! Oh well, you may also say, Ms Lonely! Can it be fun to stay alone and not be around with your friends or family? Well, for a person who is just out of a relationship or a person who just wants to unwind his/ her week’s stress, finding an alone time is all that you really need, irrespective of your age, your health issues, etc.

Staying alone, doesn’t always mean that you are depressed or are not in a good mood. It may also mean that you are simply trying to enjoy your freedom, use the time you have to do something you simply love doing! When surrounded by people, you hardly get any time to do things that your heart wishes. You follow what your friends decide choose to do, not thinking much about your own desire or wishes. Thus, when you are alone and wish to be happy, there are several things that you can plan and do, to keep yourself occupied and enjoy the time. So, whether you are alone by choice or alone due to a broken relation, here are tips that will help you to enjoy your lonely time.

  1. Break Your Monotonous Schedule

Break your everyday schedule and feel the fun of being a bit reckless, tensed, worried and unsafe. Such situations always stimulate you, helping you forget your situations and look around with a little more positivity.

For instance, take a leave at work, sit down and simply start writing about your plans and dreams that you want to fulfil. Make a list of places you want to visit, the things you want to do, the food you wish to eat, etc.

Now that you have a list, you will then know when and how to manage things throughout the day, during your alone time.

  1. Love Yourself

Love yourself, pamper yourself and do things that please you. It may be anything from spa to shopping, from cooking your favorite food to having a warm bath to ease yourself.

This is something you will love when you are alone. Loving yourself will only help you to stay happy and enjoy your personal time.

  1. Exercise And Stay Fit

If you love yourself, you would surely love seeing yourself in a great shape. Do any exercise you like, jogging, running on a treadmill, yoga, zumba, etc. simply make sure that you burn a few calories and slowly start getting back to shape, if you were not earlier! This will help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a perfect body structure that will make you fall in love with you again.

  1. Follow Your Passion

We all have passions and some hobbies that we cherish doing in our alone times. If you have any such hobby or interest, it is something that you will love doing when you are alone. So, the next time you are alone, simply open a book to read, cook something new, sketch, click pictures, etc. do anything that your hobby allows you to. This will make your creative mind open its wings and take a flight that she never could earlier.

  1. Dare New Things

Running a regular schedule, we usually end up following a monotonous life, with nothing new in it. So, now that you are alone, try new things and take a step outside your comfort zone to experience the thrill in it. Trust me, you will simply love yourself.

  1. Plan Your Alone Time Wisely

Planning is always important, whether it is for your work or for enjoying your alone time. Simply make a plan of when and what to do. This will help you make the best use of time when you are alone. Also, you will hardly get bored or feel tired doing the list of things you have already planned earlier.

  1. Appreciate Your Present Life

Above all, learn to appreciate your life, the way it is. Give up on expectations and simply be thankful for whatever you have with you. This will make you feel happy and contended from deep within.