How To Stay Safe In A Hostel?


Home-Sweet-Home!! We all love our home and feel safest within the four walls of our abode. But, once you are away from the safety of your little home, living in some small room of a hostel, it gets important that you learn to adjust and ensure your safety. Surrounded by unknown faces and a completely unfamiliar location, you need to learn how to stay safe in a hostel. With kids of the same age having mere experience of staying alone and seniors looking for ways to harass the newbies, it gets important for all a first-timer to be well prepared to face the hostel life. So, here are tips that will help you ensure your safety in your hostel, despite all the hiccups.

  1. Get to know the Place

Before you choose a hostel, make sure you check the hostel, its location, the surroundings, facilities provided and much more. Once you feel comfortable with the place, only then you choose to stay in that hostel.

  1. Choose the hostel wisely

There ar several hostels that promise to offer you with the best facilities. So, before you choose a hostel, make sure you consider its safety first. Check their hostel facilities, the security and even the food served. Once you are fine with it, only then go ahead and choose to stay in the hostel.

  1. Pick your room carefully

A hostel has several rooms from which you can make your personal choice. Usually, rooms are directly allotted by the hostel administrator. However, if you are given the choice, make sure you choose a room that is completely furnished with a good bed, study table, lamps and also security services. Avoid a room with broken window panes or table corners as they may cause injuries.

  1. Check the hostel security

Once you have chosen the hostel and a room, make sure you also get familiar to its security system. Check the security cameras, fire alarms and smoke detectors to ensure your safety. Also ask for an emergency number incase of unknown mishaps and emergencies.

  1. Choose rooms that have fewer beds

In place of choosing a dormitory with several beds, choose a smaller room with fewer beds. This will help you to keep an eye on your things and also catch the person stealing your assets.

  1. Avoid Co-ed dorms

If you are a woman, choose dorms designed only for women. Having a co-ed dorm only increases the complications and risks your security in the hostel.

  1. Always carry extra locks

Lock your cupboards and suitcases which include your prized possessions. The locks help people from staying away from your expensive items.

  1. Include a small emergency kit

In your cupboard, always place a small emergency kit that includes a flashlight, a medical kit, a few basic medications, a pepper spray for your security and also a small swiss knife. You may never know when you need these for your safety.

  1. Make friends but share restricted information

Always make friends in your hostel and share your things with them. With your parents far away, it is only your friends who will actually help you during your weak times. However, never over-trust people and never share complete details with them. Share only restricted details with them.

  1. Speak up against illegal activities

Be a good friend to others but always remember to support the right. If you see any illegal activities around you, never stay silent. Speak up and support the truth.

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