How To Survive In A Jungle?

survival in the jungle

A jungle is not just a canopy of trees. The jungle environment has a number of dangers lying beneath all that nature which is not exactly conducive for human endurance. The first rule of surviving in a jungle would be to be wary and prepared for anything and everything that might come your way.

By sticking to these following guidelines, one can survive in the harsh jungle environment.

Before you embark on your journey, be sure to prepare an itinerary and stick to it. Make sure to share the itinerary with a person who isn’t traveling with you just in case you need help. They might start looking out for you.

travel plan


First and foremost, make sure you’re adequately packed with enough food to eat, water and fluids to drink. This will keep you going in the wilderness. In case you run out of water, do not fret. The jungle is an amazing source of water. Look for streams of running water and boil any water before you drink. Alternately, you can also collect water from rainfall which are usually abundant in forests.

In case of finding food, the jungle is wholly filled with natural plant and animal resources and hence finding food for survival shouldn’t be difficult. You can also fish in the jungle waters and use fire to make yourself a meal.

And that brings us to the next important part of survival guideline which is fire. Fire is essential in a jungle, be it to boil water, heat food or ward off jungle animals or keep you warm during the nights. Carrying enough matches is useful. And to build fire, one can make use of woods, twigs, bark shavings, sticks etc. depending on the size of the fire required. Carry fuel to ignite fire easily and protect it with logs to keep from spreading. Make sure the wood or twigs are DRY.



While staying in a jungle, be wary of predators and wild animals. Depending on the location of the jungle and depending on how deep you’ve traveled inside, you are prone to face animal attacks and hence you need to be alert all the time. Glide through the jungle with as little noise as possible and carry long sticks in case you do not have weapons. But in most cases, it would do good to have a knife which might be useful for multiple purposes. A knife or a machete can be used to:

  • Sharpen sticks to make sharp weapons
  • For making traps
  • Gutting animals
  • Building shelter

Things to carry in a survival kit

jungle tool


  • Tin containers to hold water, food etc
  • A knife or a machete
  • Candles to help start fires easily
  • Match box (sufficiently) for starting fires
  • Duct tape
  • Tent
  • Dental floss
  • Soldiering wire for binding purposes
  • Tin foil

Dress appropriately to protect yourself from harsh grounds, extreme weather and insects and rodents. And build a shelter before nightfall. Use a large branch and few smaller branches and leaves and foliage to build a shelter amongst trees.

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