How To Take Care Of Your Beautiful Lips?


Baby soft lips… kissable lips… smiling lips!!! Well, above all you need healthy and beautiful lips. Whether it is summer or winter, we always need to take good care of our lips to preserve our beautiful smile. Imagine giving a forced smile due to chapped or dry lips!! Not a good ideas at all. Your lips can be painful and bleeding if not taken good care. There are a bunch of natural remedies and also a huge series of branded products that promise you soft, pink and naturally beautiful lips. But did you know that even your lips need cleaning, moisturizing and pampering? Well, here are a few tips that can help you enjoy attractive and beautiful lips.

Weather Protection

Apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream or lip balm that offers sun protection. This prevents your lips from going dry or dark. Lips, like our body skin do not have a protective layer from the sun. Thus, they need a protective layer to prevent the UV rays from affecting the softness of our lips.

The cold and hot weather, both make our lips go dry. applying a cream protects them from the weather.

Choose lip products carefully

Whether you are applying a lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm, make sure that you choose a good brand that is free from all the chemical based harmful products. These chemicals can give you long lasting soft and colored lips, but also affect your lips to a great extent. Some can even cause rashes.

Cleanse your lips

Exfoliate your lips with a natural scrub at least once a week. This is important especially as it helps remove the dead cells from the lips. Exfoliating the lips, also helps in lightening the skin tone of your lips.

Moisturize your lips

Make it a religious habit of moisturizing your lips at least 2 times a day. Use a good lip moisturizer with natural oils and Vitamin E that will help keep the lips moist. Never go for direct vaseline as they dry away quickly and also don’t protect your lips from the sun.

Massage your lips daily

If you want red and clear lips, massage them every day with a small ice-cube. This will only increase the blood circulation on your lips, making them clear and red.

Food for your lips

Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Such food helps nourish your lips naturally, while spicy food causes inflammation and also damaged lips.

Avoid drinking coffee and tea as they can make your skin sensitive. Drink water that will rightly hydrate your skin and lips.

Quit Bad habits

Give up on habits such as tobacco, smoking, biting lips, licking them and applying lipstick all through the day. These habits are not good and deeply affect your lips.

Natural tips

– Take a little lemon juice and rub it on your lips. The acid cleanses the lips by removing the dead cells. Rub for a minimum 5 minutes.

– As a natural moisturizer, apply hone on your lips. this will make the skin soft and prevent chapping.

– Apply aloe vera gel on your lips for keeping them healthy. Keep them on for 15 minutes and then wash away with some warm water.

– Take a little milk cream and add rose petals into it. Apply this to your lips and enjoy the rich feeling on your lips.

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