How To Treat Constipation In Infants?


As new parents, we are always over-concerned about our baby’s health. How much milk did she take? Is it enough for her? Why does she poop soooo many times in a day? Why she doesn’t poop every day? Is she constipated? What to do, etc. etc. Well, there are a gazillion questions that a new parent encounters every few minutes. However, one question that haunts all parents is that of Constipation.

A painful thing for adults as well, Constipation in infants is also a very severe condition that parents need to take care for. But how do you know that your little kid is suffering from constipation?

How to Know?

Every baby has a different pooping pattern. So, the first thing you can do is just observe your baby and her normal feeding habit and bowel movements. She may choose to poop after her feeding or sometimes after her meal. A baby’s pooping pattern depends on her food eating and also her drinking habits. Is she active? How quickly she digests her food?

– A baby drinking formula food has a regular bowel movement, which is at least once in a day.

– A baby who is breastfed has no specific schedule  or number. She may poop once or even twice or sometimes even more.

– Observe a change in the baby’s bowel movements and also keep a record of all the food that your kid had eaten. This will help you know what food causes a change in the bowel movement of your baby.

Here are signs that confirm that your baby may be suffering from constipation.

– Irregular bowel movements, especially if she has not pooped in three days and seems to be very uncomfortable with it. She may be cranky and irritated with the feeling inside.

– Her stools are hard and painful while passing.

Why is She Constipated?

Babies can suffer from constipation due to several reasons. Some of these include:

– Solid food: There are chances that your baby may get constipated after eating solid foods, especially with rice cereal which has less fiber in it.

– Formula food: Babies who survive on formula milk suffer from constipation as it contains less fiber in it and more proteins. This is just opposite to babies who are breastfed. In such a situation, make sure you discuss about the situation with your doctor during the next visit.

– Dehydration: If your baby is not drinking enough water or liquids even then she may suffer from a disturbed bowel movement.

How To Treat Constipation in Infants?

– Exercise: Make your baby do some exercises such as crawling, laying on her stomach or pumping her legs while she is lying on her back.

– Massage: Slowly with sift hands, massage your baby’s belly just 3 fingers below her navel, slightly to the lower left side. Press this area slowly until you feel a little mass or a firmness. Massage not more than 3 minutes.

– Change Formula: If you are feeding your baby formula food, change the food after consulting your doctor. Try changing the brand or the proportion.

– Prune juice: If your baby is 4 weeks old, only then add a little amount of prune juice to the formula milk or breast milk or baby juice. This is usually not necessary, but helps relieve constipation in your baby.

– Consult your doctor: For the best treatment options, consult your doctor and ask him for the right solutions. However, never choose to give her laxatives as a solution, especially without the approval of your doctor.

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