Hygiene Tips For Clean And Safe Periods

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Periods, menstrual cramps, PMS and the swaying temperament! It’s that time of the month when women are at their lowest, mentally and physically strained. Combating the menstrual cycle, a woman has to look after several things right from changing of sanitary napkins, fighting menstrual cramps, keeping a check on leakage, maintaining her hygiene and also keep up with her regular work and lifestyle. After all, its not really easy being a woman, isn’t it? Compared to all the points related to periods, a woman has to take special care of her hygiene during the periods. A little ignorance and you can end up conceiving vaginal infections and other diseases. In order to help you keep a check on your hygiene, here are 5 tips that will help you have clean and safe periods.

Keep different set of underpants for periods

Periods are the most sensitive time of the month. You need to be extra careful about your hygiene issues. Choose to have a different set of panties during your periods that are clean and free from stains. Change your panties frequently throughout the day when you have your periods. This will help you stay fresh and feel comfortable.

Wash your underpants in warm water and make sure to sanitize them with disinfectants such as Dettol. Make sure you keep a set of underpants in your bag wherever you go during periods. They can be helpful especially when you have staining.

Use tampons and sanitary napkins

Use tampons and sanitary napkins instead of using regular cloth for your periods. Cloth can lead to vaginal infections and leakage, leading to staining. For those who are comfortable with tampons, make sure you keep a check that the string stays comfortably out, while for those who use sanitary napkins, keep changing your napkins after regular intervals.

Place the sanitary napkins properly

Sanitary napkins, these days are available in various sizes and shapes, all designed to suit the comfort of a woman. However, if you don’t place them rightly in your underpants, you may have to suffer from rashes, a lot of un-comfort and also itchiness. In such conditions, it is best to either take help of a doctor. So, in order to make sure you have safe periods, make sure you place the sanitary napkins perfectly in place in your panties.

Go for a bath after a hectic day

Having a bath after a hectic day is a good habit that helps you stay clean and hygienic. But, it is also important that you keep yourself clean during your periods. So, make sure you head for a bath every day after a hectic day or after exercising. This will cleanse your body, remove any residual bacteria and also avoid rashes.

Clean your genitalia everyday

And lastly, always wash your external genitalia with a soft and sensitive skin based medicated shampoo. Use warm water to wash your private zone. Also make sure you wash from your vulva towards the anus and not the opposite of it. Take the suggestion of your doctor while choose a medicated shampoo for cleansing your genitalia.

Extra tips: Always wash your hands and sanitize them before and after changing your sanitary napkins.

Extra tips: Always dispose your used sanitary pads into a dustbin after properly wrapping it into a paper and then a polythene bag. Don’t flush them!

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