Hygiene Tips You Must Follow After Intercourse!


Sexual health like our regular health needs utmost care. But, somehow not most of us are really concerned about our sexual health, or focus on it only when your Vagina or your penis screams for help due to blisters, irritation, fungal infection, etc. Affected by a Urinary tract infection or a Sexually transmitted disease, you need to take good care of your sexual health, especially after intercourse as the chances of perceiving an infection is high mainly after you have coitus with your partner.

So, if you are confused about your sexual wellness after intercourse, here are hygiene tips to clear your dilemma. Follow these tips especially after intercourse and enjoy longer and better sexual health despite of your long love-making sessions!

  1. Urinate after sex

This is more like a thumb rule for a more healthier sexual self. Urinating after intercourse helps you to naturally cleanse any bacteria that may have come close to your urethra due to sex which may further move in and infect your kidneys. Thus, it is best to urinate and cleanse your system after sex. Indirectly or say naturally, you might just protect yourself from a severe infection.

  1. Clean yourself

After a long and pleasured coitus session, it is a must to cleanse yourself with a toilet paper or a warm wash cloth. This helps you stay and feel clean. Moreover, you dispose any chance of receiving an infection after sex from your partner.

  1. Avoid cleaning From anus to vagina

When cleaning, make sure you clean from your urinary tract towards the anus. Cleaning from your anus and then to your urinary tract will only enhance your chance of acquiring an infection, especially due to the bacterial growth in our rectum.

  1. Clean thoroughly if menstruating

Not a lot of people prefer having sex during their menstruation cycle. However, if you have had sex during your periods, it nothing bad or harmful. In fact, a lot of people feel it more passionate and pleasurable. But, you have to take extra care when you have sex during you menstruation cycle. Use a odour free toilet soap or a vaginal shampoo to cleanse yourself thoroughly.

  1. Use only sexual hygiene wipes to clean

Always remember that your skin and your sexual organs are much more sensitive than the skin of your hands and face. So, it is never wise to use regular wipes to cleanse your sexual parts after sex. Always use sanitary wipes or sexual hygiene wipes that are now readily available in all medical stores and online portals to cleanse yourself after sex. Or simply use a clean wash-cloth dipped in lukewarm water to clean yourself after a sexual relation.

Also, start cleaning from the vulva and then move towards the anus, cleaning slowly and carefully as you go down.

  1. Never re-use a wash cloth or condom

Always take extra care of your sexual health and so, use only a fresh condom for having sex and a fresh wash-cloth to cleanse yourself after your love-making session. Never choose to re-use a wash-cloth as that may unknowingly cause an infection.

With these tips now known to you, make sure you follow them and enjoy your sexual life with good health.

This was first published in Nov 2015