Ideal Companion For Your Off Trail Forays


Escaping the cacophony of city life to answer the primeval call of your inner child is something many of us ache for. For those few fortunate ones who do, there is no better way to unwind than to trek up a forgotten forest path and treat yourself to a grand vista from atop a lush hill. We tend to lose track of time and forget ourselves, often mismanaging our resources and falling prey to hunger, exhaustion or thirst. It is always better to plan well for our time off in the woods with some quality gear. And a good, sturdy backpack can go a long way in making your experience stress free.

Do you choose your gear well?

Talking of backpacks, what do you look for when you choose one? Is it the comfort? The capacity? The number of pockets? Durability? Whatever the answer, one thing’s for sure. It is indeed rare to find a backpack that matches all your criteria, and on the rare occasion when you do find one, the price on the label puts you off. Life is unfair, downright nastily so, ain’t it?

The art of keeping all promises

When last did you hear about the gentleman with the waxed moustache, the single eye piece and polite manners? He may have become a famous internet meme, no more to be found in real life. But we may get you acquainted with the gentleman among backpacks. Ladies and gentlemen, Meet the Wildcraft DayPack A4. As suave, as stylish and as comfortable as it gets while meeting the standards for the latest in design, this backpack is quite a loner. The latest in a range of gear from Wildcraft, which has already made quite a name for itself when it comes to superior quality products, the DayPack is as suited to being used a school bag as it is for trekking and hiking.

Top of the line features

Looks can be deceptive, as the adage goes. This bag does not look like much, till you start filling stuff in it. Its generous 20 liter carrying capacity opens up gradually, much to your delight, as you end up filling way more than you had intended.

It has three compartments, the smallest one being large enough to accommodate six medium sized bottles of shampoo easily. The middle one is enough for three heavy books. Thus loaded, the backpack can still accommodate a laptop in the last one. All this without the worry of bursting at the seams, as it is made of superior quality 210 D Nylon Double Ripstop, which is legendary for holding out on its own.

Planning to walk all day in sultry weather? No fuss. Accommodate your liquids in the air mesh pockets, while its premium breathable padding makes life easy for you even if you sweat hard. Lost? Its bright orange front profile will make you visible from afar at daytime and the reflector tape on the left strap will help you get detected at night. The shoulder straps are padded too, so you don’t get chafed from travelling long in the sun.

As if all this were not enough to make you run to the store, for added safety you get zippers that are designed to bear the harshest torture. What are you waiting for? Oh, go ahead. Ask us the price. At under two thousand bucks, it is a total steal!

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