Impact Of Technology On Kids


With the evolution of time, we have come through many changes and will be going through in the future as well. That’s actually how we have adapted to the variations and humongous changes over time. Sometimes that’s what we call generation gap. But just as everything has a positive side, it has a negative side as well. A part of our recent lifestyle too has come up with some severe negative sides which are dominating the positive sides. Sadly, the main victims are the kids of the present generation and we definitely need to do something about it. However before we think of doing something, let’s first analyse exactly what are we facing.

The most respected and worshipped God in our world today is technology. We breathe technology, we eat and drink technology, we see and hear technology, it basically rules over all of our senses and plays a role of protagonist in our lives. Now, we no longer need to send a file personally, we send it over e-mails. Want to find a good restaurant around your place? Check out the new app designed just for that, a case of multiple surgeries or rare disease could be cured, thanks to improved technology in medical science. There are actually such uncountable examples one can provide to cite that humanity has upgraded itself to a new level, a level where everyone is connected to each other and nothing goes amiss. The impact of such technology is even greater in children. The most wonderful thing about this is accessing information from the internet. They can study anything they want, they can gather detailed knowledge about any topic needed which is certainly a boon. Who doesn’t want a handy knowledge warehouse beside them?

That is not all, a child going crazy over video games is a common sight too. It helps in increasing motor skills and gets that competition thing into their being which leads them to do better and better every time. Hundreds of storybooks can be fit in one Kindle to let you carry a library every time you get out.

But that’s where the picture gets serious. Technology is only so much good for kids and for the major part of the time, it’s highly detrimental. Why? See for yourself!

How many parents today complain about their kids getting cooped in their room and spending an eternity plugged in to stupid games? Well, of course, it’s not stupid to them, but to us parents, we can see how much stupidity the games imbue in these kids. They no longer write! No longer read books! No longer do the nature, the trees, the flowing streams, the snow mountains excite in them. All these things strangely attract them in the virtual world but not in reality. Mobile phones are majorly useful to connect people to people but these days, kids have full access to such phones although they hardly need them. They have their own Whatsapp account, Facebook account, Twitter and Instagram account! Where is the time to sit with their parents and have a chat? Where is the time to have a good laugh with friends while they meet? Most importantly, where is the time to study?

The languages skills of students have equally degraded over the years with the introduction of online accounts. Btw hv u sn d nw gm he bot!… OMG! Dats so fab!

Could you understand what is written? Maybe some of us do because we do the same writing everyday but this particular thing is not good for children as they forget spellings, care less about the quality of writing and of course abolish the term “Hand-writing”.

There are loads of such examples which are seriously harmful to our children. Don’t forget they are the future of our world and if they don’t get proper nutrition mentally, the result will definitely not be good. Well, why mentally, proper nutrition is now-a-days disregarded physically by children too! Don’t they skip meals over an extra hour of playing games? Don’t their mood fluctuations become tremendous if you deny them some moments of social networking? Obesity, anxiety, high blood pressure, laziness… don’t all these things come to forefront when a child gets addicted to silly gadgets day and night?

Wouldn’t you choke over your tea if you one day heard your kid saying he doesn’t want to play on the stupid phone rather he wants to go out and play with his or her friends? Yes! You would choke big time! The reason is simple… we can’t believe that we would see this picture ever again! Well, that’s what we need to believe! That’s how we need to think and act to make it happen! Our lives have improved, but have they really? Our kids have become smarter, but have they really? Our communication has advanced… but has it really?

There isn’t a simple solution to this. In fact, there will be no solution unless you really want to solve them. Believe that you can change this, take up the responsibility to guide your kids yourself. They are just innocent children, they like to play, they like to laugh, they like to know things, but it is our responsibility to provide the proper means to sate their desires. Internet is fabulous for them but we have to keep in check that it is used properly, video games are good but only for a while and so on…

So the next time you want to keep your kid, your sister or your little brother engaged for some time, keep them busy with art, writing, playing with friends rather than handing them your tablet or phone. They are our darlings, so let’s try to care for their future a bit more!

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