Importance of Breast Milk for Baby

breast feeding

Being mothers you all must understand that mother’s milk is of prime importance as far as breast feeding to the children are concerned. The new born babies are very fragile and needs utmost care and warmth. It is very necessary for all the mothers out there to assure they feed mother’s milk to their children for the first twelve months. Many governmental institutions promote the importance of mother’s milk. There are many reasons of “Why” mother’s milk is important.

The main reason that government emphasize on the mother’s milk is because the mother’s milk is the best milk for children. The mother’s milk contains all the nutrients possible for a child to digest and stay healthy. The young ones are prone towards illness like Fever & jaundice. This is common in the children when they are newly born. The mothers would certainly save your child from such allergies and other sickness.

The mother’s milk contains colostrums which is a natural laxative to clear your baby’s intestines. On the other hand mother’s milk would improve the IQ of your baby which would certainly help the mind of the baby to develop. Being a mother you must know that the mother’s milk would certainly help in enhancing the transition outside the womb. On the other hand the affection of breast feeding would provide utmost security and great feeling of emotional bonding between you and your new born.

The mother’s milk can also be extracted or pulled out from the mother’s breast with the help of breast pump. The mechanism is these breast pumps sets with the help of suction power would take off the milk from the mothers breast. The mother’s milk would save your child from suffering from the diseased like polio and tetanus. On the other the immunity of your child increases by the consumption of mother’s milk.

The breast pump set would be something of essential equipment for feeding your child. When you need to take rest as rest is equally important for the mothers you can take off the milk from the breast and fill it up in the bottle of plastic or glass and keep it in a room temperature with appropriate cap. This would reduce the stress in you and makes you feel relaxed. On the other hand even when you are asleep it would be easy for the husband to feed the child while you take rest. This would again build the bonding strong among the father and the child.

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