Importance of Fire Extinguishers During Diwali


Fire crackers, diyas and a house fully lit with beautiful aromatic candles! It’s Diwali, the festival of lights, fireworks and fun, and probably the only time of the year when kids just want to have fun with the huge varieties of fireworks now available in the markets.

But, along with the fun of bursting crackers comes a big responsibility, the Responsibility of staying safe and preventing fire in the house, neighborhood and workplace. Accidents or mishaps occur without giving us the slightest sign. And the only way to ensure our safety is by installing our homes with fire extinguishers or other simple firefighting system.

With the house, doorsteps, windows and probably every corner of the house decorated with beautiful rangoli colors and candles, it gets essential that we take fire safety measures prior to decorating our homes. For instance, storing sand in a bag, keeping warm woolen blankets handy, checking the gas pipelines for leakages, are just a few traditional ways of fighting fire. But can they really help Ceasefire? Not always!

Before you choose any of these methods, it is important that you learn about the various fire extinguisher types and uses. Some basic knowledge about the types of extinguishers will only help you buy the safest and most feasible fire extinguishers for your dear ones.

Installing a fire alarm

This is one of the safest fire measures of all. Fire alarms can help people run away even before the fire flames start burning down the entire house. They get triggered instantly once the sensors on the alarms sense smoke in the house. But, in order to stop the flames from growing wilder, you need a good fire extinguisher. Fighting fire can only be possible when you have both, a fire alarm and a fire extinguisher in the house.

Storing Fire extinguishers

Buy a couple of small 1 kg or 2 kg fire extinguishers for your home and install them at places which are easy to access. For instance, place them near your staircases, along the hallway, or right near the door of your kitchen. Use different types of fire extinguisher based on your needs and area in the house or office. Only this will help you cease the fire and getaway safely, without any injuries.

So, this Diwali before you buy firecrackers for your kids, make sure you install your home with the best and complete firefighting system. Have a joyous and safe Diwali!!!

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This post was first published in November 2015