Importance of Protein Supplements in Body

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Supplements are an essential nutrient for our body, and with the day to day development of new products, the choices of supplements are many. The reason why supplements are a significant dose for our body is it gives us the energy to work, make muscles stronger, enhance our blood circulation and gives us the necessary nutrients which cannot be delivered by food. Like vitamins, minerals and calcium, protein is also an essential supplement which our body requires in the right quantities.

What is Protein and why is it important?

Protein is highly needed by our body cells to repair and build tissues. Our hair and nails are made of proteins and so it is a necessary supplement to build our muscles, skin, blood, cartilage and bones. Protein is a macronutrient, which means our body needs most of it just like carbohydrates but it doesn’t store Protein like fats and carbohydrates. Our body needs a limited amount of protein and taking more of it won’t give us extra strength.

Similarly, kids also need a specific amount of protein supplement for their bodies. The foods and vegetables that they consume are most of all impure and don’t deliver enough supplement. So they need some extra and beneficial drinks that can deliver the right amount of supplement to their body. The Amway Nutrilite Protein powder delivers a balanced amount of amino acids that are essential for building muscle tissues. The protein comprising here enhances their body strength and gives them energy to play and remain active throughout the day.

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Protein for our hair

We often face severe hair falls and the appearance of grey hair at an early age. This happens because our body lacks the right amount of protein supplement, specifically amino acids. The complete eight essential amino acids come from protein foods like meat, poultry, fish, eggs and milk. In short, anything that comes from the animal. They are necessary for repairing our body tissues and building new tissues. The life of our body cells is maintained by protein and so the usage of protein hair creams is must for a healthy growing hair. The Himalaya Protein Hair Cream is a good supplement for the hair which is a natural and herbal hair cream that nourishes the hair from root to tip. The cream is enriched with natural excerpts which help prevent dandruff, fortifies hair follicles and also promotes hair growth. Himalaya Protein Hair Cream also acts as an antioxidant, nourishes hair to make it healthy, strong and gorgeous as well as strengthen the hair roots and prevent hair falls.

It is also necessary to know that low or high protein diets can lead to weight loss so it should be taken in a modest amount.

Protein supplements are beneficial to our body and lead to the following improvements:

  • Prevent muscle loss
  • Help speed post work recovery
  • Strengthen our bones
  • Helpful for vegetarians
  • Ends meal planning

Amount of protein required in men and women over 20 years

Weight                                                Reqd. protein                                     Safety margin

80 lbs                                                            40 gms                                                            60 gms

111lbs                                                            50 gms                                                             70 gms

133 lbs                                                          60 gms                                                             80 gms

156 lbs                                                          70 gms                                                             90 gms

178 lbs                                                          80 gms                                                             100 gms

200 lbs                                                          90 gms                                                            110 gms

222 lbs                                                         100 gms                                                           120 gms

244 lbs                                                         110 gms                                                            130 gms

Hence, you can see that protein is one of the most necessary supplements that our body needs. So you should not rely merely on foods and vegetables to obtain the required protein, rather consult your nutritionist to take the right protein supplement for yourself.

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