Industry College Interlude: SafetyKart in SRCC Campus

SRCC campus

SRCC is India’s premier undergraduate institution in business and economics. Providing a conducive environment to propagate academic learning and co- curricular activities and being a springboard to higher achievements, the college encapsulates the attributes of an “ideal” institution.

D-Street, the finance and investment society of Shri Ram College of Commerce aims to trigger inquisitiveness in the young minds of its members belonging to SRCC with respect to the stock market and business environment.

Bullzire is the annual fest of D-Street, which receives participation from all corners of Delhi University. It is the right place for those who seek experience in the field of stocks, investments, share market and much more, not theoretically but practically. The fest comprises of minutely planned activities, which cater to the objective of learning, clubbed with fun.

This was the second edition of Bullzire, conducted in February 2015, and was a massive success. It was a perfect finance festival studded with a range of events that tested the participant’s financial prudence.

It was a two-day extravaganza, opportune for showcasing your skills, creativity and wit. With events ranging from hard-core financial assessment to fun events that captured the attention of one and all, it was a comprehensive and power packed festival.


This year we had a partnership with as the event sponsor for Bullzire. The experience in itself was amazing. The entire team of is simply great; very helpful and accommodating, always punctual and with great work ethics. gave us goodies and coupons, which were distributed as prizes amongst the winners of all the events Bullzire had. The quality of product was recorded well too; we especially got calls from the participants who appreciated a few products including Pee Safe and Pure One water bottle. The efforts of to increase safety, hygiene and general awareness are highly appreciated. This online website has definitely increased the safety awareness in Shri Ram College of Commerce.

The association D-street had with is not just on monetary bases but also on the bases of trust. Though a few hurdles came across on our journey yet they have been very supportive and patient throughout. We hope to associate with this online site in future as well. We thank this portal for all the support it has lent to us. In spite of being a start up, has been an immense contribution to D-streets annual cultural festival, “Bullzire”.