Is Your Camera Protected…Always??


Those magical clicks, the beautiful sunset, landscapes, your friend saying ‘I do’, your kid cutting his first birthday cake and more! Pictures capture the best moments of your life and your cameras help you freeze all the beautiful moments together for eternity. But without your camera, would these pictures be captured with such beauty? No! Cameras need to be cared and stored well from all climate and conditions. And, you need strong original camera case to protect them in all situations.

Life brings us various memorable moments which we wish to capture in our cameras for a lifetime and so, it gets important that we carry our cameras every place we go and also keep them safely for the best pictures. A good waterproof camera case helps you protect your camera like a little baby, not allowing any water seepage into it. But, cameras need to be protected well and you need the best cases for them. Here are 7 essential tips to help you care for your camera better. Follow them if you really wish your expensive SLR and DSLR cameras to last long.

Keep the camera case handy   

Have you seen professional photographers? If you have, you will surely notice one thing – they care their camera most and keep their camera case handy in order to keep the camera safe. They use camera and simply keep it back inside their case rather than keeping it here and there. So, always make sure you carry your camera case along with you.

Use the camera lens cloth to clean the screen and lens

Remember, your shirt is not your lens cloth. The camera lens and screen are extremely sensitive and need to be kept clean always. A camera lens cloth is made out of soft fabric which helps avoid scratches on the lens and screens. Henceforth, it’s best to use a camera lens cloth to clean the camera.

Always keep the camera strapped on

Cameras are expensive and need to be cared for, just like your baby. So, always keep it strapped on around your neck. This will avoid it from getting slipped and avoid getting it broken.

Keep the cap shut when not in use

The lens of your camera is the most important part of your camera. So, when not in use, make sure you keep the cap shut. This will avoid scratches and dust particles from residing on it.

Use a camera waterproof case

We travel a lot and use our cameras to click almost all our precious moments. You never know when your camera might just slip off and fall in a pool of water or when a glass of some juice may fall on it. So, in order to avoid such accidents from happening, it is best to use a camera waterproof case.

Use a camera foam case to protect the lens

Every camera comes with a set of small and large lenses. In order to protect these sensitive lenses, you may use a camera foam case to protect the lens when not in use.

Use only branded case for your camera

Choose branded case covers for your camera such as the Pelican camera case to protect your camera from falls and water. These cases are branded, 100% genuine and give you complete protection in all situations.

Pelican - Camera Case

Plan out to click beautiful images with your camera but before using it, remember to protect it too. Various camera cases are available so grab the best one for your own camera fast!