Is Your Drinking Water Really Safe?


With the monsoon season now finally arrived, there is one question haunting almost every mother, house-wife and individual –  Is the drinking water Really Safe?? With the water pipelines not serviced or cleaned regularly, the water tanks not maintained, drainage water pipes leaking and the cracks in the drinking water pipelines, all increase the chances of adulteration in the drinking water. This is one of the primal reasons why our mothers always preferred to boil the drinking water during the monsoon seasons. But with the availability of the new age Water purification systems, filtering your drinking water is much easier now. With the market swarming with a wide range of water filters, it gets a difficult task to choose the best. With almost all filters promising you top quality services and at least 99.99% (if not 100%) safety from germs and bacterial infection, choosing a good quality water filter is really a difficult task. And after you have bought a good water purifier, are you still sure it is safe? Do you know what your drinking water has in it, the one that just got distilled from a water purifier? Well, here are some answers that will help you know better about the water you drink.

Water Impurities

Based on a research, there are almost 300 and more chemicals and other pollutants present in it. These are pollutants that are present in a normal municipal water which has already been processed before distribution. Here is a detailed information about the impurities present in your water and how a top quality water purifier helps free your water from these pollutants.

– Volatile Organic Chemicals

Chemicals of various types, pesticides and herbicides fall under this category. These chemicals are largely found in the water distributed by the municipality. Drinking such a water can damage your liver, kidney and also affect your Reproductive system.

– Heavy metals

With soil pollution a major concern these days, the heavy metals from the soil such as lead, mercury, etc. all lead to a series of fatal health conditions.

– Endocrine Disturbing Chemicals

Drinking such adulterated water also interferes with the body’s normal hormonal system, affecting our health in greater ways than imagined.

Drinking water rich in these chemicals leads to prostatic cancer, breast cancer, etc. It also causes ectopic pregnancy (egg fertilization outside uterus.) Men suffered from a decrease in sperm count due to the drinking of such adulterated water.

– Flouride

Although the presence of Flouride in the drinking water is a highly debated issue, especially with its benefits on our health. However, there have been studies that have stated Flouride as a reason to certain thyroid based problems.

Water Filtration Units

– Bottled Water

Wherever you go, you will always see bottled water being sold. However, the water in these bottles is refined, but when they are packed there are chances of the chemicals being leeched into it. As a result, these bottles have water similar to the water available in the taps.

Drinking bottled water is more expensive and despite the fact that they don’t promise you guaranteed safe water.

– Water Purifier Systems

There are different types of water filtration systems available in the market. The Granulated Activated Charcoal units are successful in removing certain contaminants and are cheaper than the other water filters. However, it fails to remove all the chemicals from the water and require frequent cartridge replacement.

The Reverse Osmosis filters are another option available which have Granulated Charcoal filter along with a semi-permeable membrane that separates other contaminants from the water. The water is highly contamination-free, but the process wasted several gallons of water, also including several important minerals.

Filters with Solid Carbon are another very good option available these days. These filters remove bacteria, pesticides, chemicals, nitrites, nitrate, parasites and other contaminants. These filters are a good option and chosen largely by people these days.