Is Your Home Safe and Secure?

secure home

The safest place in the whole world is “Home”. But sometimes due to our carelessness, we make it a place of accident, thefts and sometimes even worse than that which leads to more unfortunate situations. We all love to relax at home after returning from office, school or market. If it is such a special place for us, why not make it more secure and safe?

Here are some indispensable safety products that you can keep at your home to combat unwelcoming situations. Following are the products that should not be overlooked in any case.

Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Detectors

Kitchen is a place of fire and is more prone to accidents. Fire Extinguishers are quite important for homes as they can prevent small fires turning into violent fires. Ceasefire extinguishers are safe filled with eco-friendly gas and are therefore, appropriate for homes. Installing smoke detectors will pick up the initial fumes of smoke and warn you about a potential fire hazard.

Pepper sprays

In today’s environment, women safety has become a prior issue in India. Therefore, it makes sense now for all girls & women to carry pepper sprays while stepping out of house. Pepper sprays are available from Cobra, Knockout & bodyguard & are much in demand now.

Emergency car tool kits

Our car is our second home. We spend lots of time in car traveling from home to schools, offices & vice-versa. But still so many of us overlook the risks involved in our daily lives. Keeping an emergency car tool kit inside the car can actually tackle lots of car troubles. Two really powerful emergency car tools – ResQMe & Multifunctional car tool kit are something that everyone must know & buy.

Multifunctional car tool kit features a safety hammer to break car glass in case of any emergency. It also includes a seat belt cutter, flasher, compass, magnet, siren, FM radio & USB Port.

ResQMe is another unique tool for car that gets attached with your car keys. It comes with a sharp blade that slashes the car belt at once and a glass hammer to break the window glass.

Safety Guard for sockets

Now this is quite helpful when you have toddlers at home. It becomes very important to child proof your house as small kids cannot be stopped from putting their fingers into the electric sockets. Therefore, it is better to use safety guards for sockets.


With the increase in the crime rate, one must raise their step to make their home secure.  Installing dome cameras at home can make you confident, relaxed & protected from thefts.

First-Aid Kit

Here is the not-to-forget safety product that must be present in all homes. Most homes do not even have the basic medical kit to cure small wounds or accidents.

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