Is Your kid- School Ready?

pre school room

Finally the wait is over as the new school session is about to begin. The schooling days of running to and fro after your kids are back which means more homework, tuitions and added pressure. New session also means brand new books, copies along with school uniforms for your little ones. If you’re one of those who are sending off their kids to the school for the first time, just take a deep breath and relax.

To ease up your tensions, we have prepared a last minute checklist. These are the list of 5 most essential products your kids will require at school. If you have missed out on any of it, there’s still time to get that for your young ones.

Last-Min Checklist for the Parents

Child ID Kit:

If your child is going to the school for the first time then it’s best to get this product for your little one. As per the government, each year 1.5 million children go missing and to make sure that your children is not one of them, this product is ideal for you. It will contain all vital information including the child’s address, photograph, DOB, fingerprints, allergies, blood group and other important information. Get Child ID kit for enhanced safety of your kid.

child id kit

Wet Wipes

Cleanliness is extremely important if you want your kid to lead a healthy life. Little kids influence so it’s important that your kid set the right kind of impression for others. Wet wipes are ideal for keeping their rear clean. Whether they have a stomach upset or it is simply a nature’s call, use of a hygienic method will ensure cleanliness while protecting their delicate skin from scratches. Get them a pack of wet wipes and instruct them on how and when to use them.pee-safe-multi-use-wet-wipes

Lunch Set

It is the first time when your little ones will step in different world where their close ones will not be chasing them with healthy mouth-watering food. This is when they will really need a lunch pack for fulfiling all the cravings of the little ones. An ideal lunch box for kids includes a lunch box, bottle and a lunch box bag big enough for your kid.


Hand Sanitizers

If your child loves to play in dirt and you are doubting whether he or she will have complete germ free hands, then buy a hand sanitizers. Since they don’t need the usage of water all they need is to simply apply the sanitizer before having lunch. Help them build a clean and healthy lifestyle from the very beginning to ensure a hearty health.


Mosquito Repellents

As the name suggests, mosquito repellent will keep these blood sucking insects at a safe distance. Your child will go to the school and it’s not always possible that the environment will be insect free. Keep a mosquito repellent in the bad and in case if a situation arrives, someone can help your little baby in applying the product. Don’t forget that most of the contagious diseases are spread through mosquitoes.


Apart from these there are a couple of other things such as safety books, extra pack of diapers for your first time school goers along with a fresh pair of washed clothes must be packed. Embrace this moment and get on the roller-coaster ride of life with your kids. Buck up and start this journey with a blast.

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