Is Your Purified Water Safe?


With the sun at its brightest and woollens in storage, summer has officially announced its arrival. Now, the weekends can be all about lazing in the sun listening to Bob Marley and sipping on to your favourite Pina Colada. It is a fact that summer heat leaves the body dehydrated therefore its necessary to keep yourself hydrated at regular intervals. But, hold on! Is your purified water safe enough to drink?

Water Purifier Types

If you are not sure, then don’t worry. There’s a list of some of the most common water purifier types we came across, you can surely find yours among them:

RO Purifier

Known to be the safest form of water purifier, it removes even the essential elements like Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium among others which deadens the water. Even a fish cannot survive in such a water because of its lack of nutrients. People drinking this kind of water have been prone to strokes and osteoporosis. The ones that come with storage facility are also prone to microbial infections due to lack of cleaning.


U.V. Water Purifier

It is said that this water purifier offers the most purified form of water after being treated with U.V. However, when the treated water is stored, the bacteria and viruses regenerate. Therefore, making the water unsafe for drinking again. So every time, you are thirsty you have to fetch a glass of water from the purifier itself!


Water Coolers/Dispenser

If you store the water after it has been cleaned through the dispenser, your water is not clean. The reason behind this is that the water dispenser is hardly cleaned making it a home for microbial infection. So every time you’re storing water in your bottle, it’s not microbe-free.


Chemical Based/ Non Electric Water Purifier

These water purifiers are not electric based but use chemicals instead. Initially, everything seems fine but with time, these purifiers lead to serious health problems affecting your health big time.


Relax, it doesn’t mean that you are never sure about water consumption. There are ways to ensure that the water you’re drinking is absolutely safe for all.

Boiling and U.V. purification for instance ensures that the water is at its purest form. However, the drawback is that it is only for a short while the microbes regain their full vitality. During this hour, what you actually need is a water purifier that has the ability to fight with the ever growing and ever changing family of microbes. Make drinking water a fruitful experience rather than a dangerous nightmare for your family and friends.


If you’re really thinking of making a difference, then choose a decent water purifier. We are offering a range of water purifiers to our consumers from personal Ultra Filter to High end U.V.+ U.F. These selected water purifiers are just for your health and keeping the germs at bay.

This summer don’t let the microbes win over you but instead make a smart choice. Change your water purifier and let the water act as it is- the perfect elixir of life. Make your perfect glass of lemonade or simply have a filtered glass of chilled water, make a summer vow and embrace the sun.

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