Its Holi…Gear Up & Play Safe

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Rang barse..bheege chunarwali..rang barse…Yes! Bura na mano..Holi hai…Red, pink, green, yellow, blue and when all colors mixed together-purple or black color is sprayed on white. This is the festival of colors when you play with everyone in a harmony.

The festival of colors and fun throughout the nation is celebrated during spring season. Holi is celebrated as a victory of good over evil. The entire nation is gearing up for a few days to pass off soon when those colorful abeer, gulaal, pichkaris, gujjiyas and bhaang would be spattered all over with a great spirit of joy. This is the onset of summers when people bid adieu to cool breezes and quilts.

Holi is celebrated across the country with full enthusiasm shown by every age group of people, playing with colors, meeting dear ones and having a great time with maalpua and dahi vada.

Let us give you a few ideas on how to celebrate a Happy & Safe Holi!

Meeting friends and kins:

Celebrating a festival with your closed and dear ones give you a special joy. And if its Holi, this acts as a cherry on the cake. Due to everyday hectic schedule, you are unable to make out time to meet friends and relatives. Thus, this is a great day to grab the opportunity to meet and have exclusive fun with food and colors.

Preparing sumptuous dishes:

Holi without food is half played. It is always complete with delicious dishes prepared and shared at home. Dishes such as maal pua, ras malai, gujjiya, pakode, samose, dry fruits, gulaab jamun, chips, dahi vada, mutton, chicken, puri chhole, halwa and many more. Mouth watering platters enjoyed by everyone at a common place together gives a real kind of special joy. Diabetic people have no fear to enjoy the sweet dishes as there are a variety of sweeteners and sweet tablets that can be used for them to enhance their taste buds.

Dancing on the color rain:

Your age group doesn’t matter when dancing with the colored music theme is even thought upon. Gear up people, the day is all yours. Under the gulaal spray, and the loud thick of music, your feet is sure to thump. Spread love with colors to everyone, everywhere possible. Play the best music theme and enjoy its beat.

Visiting Holi-cious places

Holi played at Mathura & Vrindavan is unbeatable. According to Hindu scriptures, these bear the birth places of Lord Krishna where he used to play Holi vibrantly. Hence, if you go around Mathura or Vrindavan during Holi, you would definitely be mesmerized by the zealous crowd, different colors, lassi, bhaang, laddoos, sweets, and bhakti mixed with fun. Yes remember to travel safe! This is the time when you need to be careful especially if women are travelling alone because of the crowd that gathers at these places cannot be trusted during this celebration.

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Now, there are a few safety tips that you must follow before, during and after playing the festival of colors.

Protect your eyes, ears and mouth:

Playing with colors is fun but only when it is played safe. Protect your eyes, ears and mouth while playing with chemical colors. Stay safe and enjoy every color. Try playing with natural colors to prevent all sort of infections and irritations.

Care for your hair too:

Your hair needs a good conditioning before and after playing Holi. Apply oil on your hair and scalp well before getting drenched with colors. After the celebration gets over you need a good head wash with shampoo and conditioner to remove the left over colors from hair strands and scalp.

Do not let your skin get damaged:

Your skin is sensitive and so it needs a well protection. Apply body oil before going out for those bright colors cover your skin and face. Wash off your body with a good soap or body wash and let go away the colors of the day. Your face needs to shine and glow after the day ends. There are a number of skin products that care for you and your face or body.

Safety is your priority:

Safety must be your priority. There are safety products that show concern for you and your family. Skin, eyes, hair, diabetic patients, and all others that need care are all available under a common portal. Take good care and have ultimate fun to make it the most memorable and happiest celebration!

Play Safe! Stay Safe!  

This article was previosuly published on 2nd March 2015

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