It’s Loot: Fabulous Deals at Safetykart Clearance Sale


Safetykart has introduced for you all a highly profitable stock clearance sale in which you can find many amazing products at conspicuously discounted rates. All these products are from renowned brands apt to provide you a perfect solution for variety of needs. So stop wasting your time in thinking and place orders for your favorite products right away – because offers valid till stocks last! Let’s quickly take a look at some of the products which are now available at unbelievably low prices.
D-link vandal proof dome camera with night recording: SafetyKart has got exciting offers on surveillance products for home and offices as well. This amazing camera with a modern look features day and night functionality and is the most suitable tool for keeping a watch over your home and office while you are away. What’s more – this incredible product can be yours at a very low price with as much as 30% off on its MRP!

Nuby All Natural Baby Shampoo 200ml: Everyone is damn conscious when it comes to taking proper care of their baby’s hair. Nuby has introduced a good hair cleanser which in no way will harm the soft scalp of your kids and still keep their hair clean, soft and silky. This shampoo by Nuby is definitely the right choice and at Safetykart you can get it at flat 50% off. So, hurry! We don’t see a reason for you to miss this opportunity.

Lacto Calamine Hydration Lotion with Free Hydration FaceWash: When it comes to skin, we ladies are overly sensitive, and why not – beauty is only skin deep, they say. So this insanely cool skin care combo deal had to make it to this list. Lacto Calamine has always been a trusted for skin care products. At Safetykart the combo of lacto calamine lotion and facewash is available at flat 25% off! Now this is something you won’t find anywhere else.

Himalaya Baby Massage Oil 300ml: Another baby care product by Himalaya that will provide your baby a super soft skin and prevent it from dryness is available at 25% discount on Safetykart. Isn’t a perfect gift for your newborn niece?


Lacto Calamine Reneu – Anti Aging Cream 50 gm: A perfect solution to fight those skin ageing signs, this cream has been prepared with a well-researched and clinically proven formula known to maintain the elasticity of your skin giving it a fresh and younger look and feel. This exclusive product is available at flat 63% off on Safetykart. So, better be the one to take it home rather and flaunt a radiant and youthful skin at the next neighborhood party!

Jungle Formula Mosquito Repellent 40 ml Naturals Roll-on: Mosquitoes can land us in serious trouble, and there is no denying this fact. And no one wants to fall prey to troubles, right? This mosquito repellant will keep these some troublemakers at bay and is available at 30% discount right here! Now what’s keeping you from adding this to your cart?

Ayurvedic Shower to Shower Prickly Heat Powder Cologne Cool 75g: Shower to shower has been the best choice for ages to fight prickly heat in summers. This reliable product is also on the list of Safetykart stock clearance sale, available at 10% off on its MRP.

The above mentioned products are all so useful in your day to day life that you can’t help but stock on them. And when you are getting them on such discounted rates, it’s an opportunity you’d never want to miss. What are you waiting for, hurry, add your favorite products to your cart.