Blogger Review – Jungle Magic Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer


SafetyKart recently sent out samples of the newly launched hand sanitizers for kids to mommies for a review and we are thrilled with the feedback! Read what mommy Poornima, aslo a blogger has to say about our product. 

My first encounter with a hand sanitizer

A hand sanitizer is something I had never heard of when I was a kid. Why as a kid, till quite recently. I first saw these during our trip to USA but, when the H1N1 flu had hit India, I think this product really got integrated into our indian lives.

My first reaction

Yucky, gooey stuff with a strong aroma! how can this clean hands.

My change of heart

When I was pregnant, I was really scared of infections. I did not want to welcome any complications. I was feeling so precious. This is the time I took utmost care. I started using sanitizers and by this time, I had learned using it the right way.

Using it the right way

When I used it first in my life, I had taken a rich amount of it. Thinking it was to be used like soap gel however, this is not so. You just need a drop of the stuff so that it does not feel yucky & gooey but evaporates quickly leaving dry and fragrant hands.

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