Karmic Justice


Once upon a time, there was this tradition and history seeped kingdom. As it’s denizens got swept away with ideas of nationhood and independence, the kingdom gained freedom from its oppressors and floated a nascent democracy. As its Netas flirted with bubbling ideologies, its Junta coped with abject penury and pathos, driven by that eternal human dope – hope.

The budding nation’s people worked hard and flocked to the timeless capital in search of a better life. As the capital began to burst at the seams and crumble at this overflow, the citizens began to spread to the nearby barren lands.

Land sharks sensed a gold mine. They grabbed the precious land from ryots for peanuts, built tall match boxes and called these “Mansions of Gods” with all the luxurious amenities. The poor unsuspecting gentry moved into these modern hovels, toiled hard, putting their blood and sweat back into this growing bad lands. The sharks with ever swelling bank balances, now gave this village a glitzy name and smiled as it leapfrogged into a 21st century millennial city. The government barely interfered as it’s coffers were getting filled to the brim, with taxes.

Not that it really mattered because the barely there basic infrastructures were provided by the private players.

The city quirkly straddled across two centuries – From a Bhains to Benz with tremulous equanimity, where towering infrastructures dotted the skyline along with crowded by-lanes, bringing in its wake crumbling social mores.

All was a war ravaged status quo when the knowledgeable rulers-to-be had a killer brainwave.A moniker change dating back to our dated and jaded history was going to be the panacea for all the terrible evils afflicting this megapolis.A Telegrammic solution for an Instagram age rage.

No opinions were taken. The netizens burst in anger.After all the forum furies, it was back to business. Nothing much had changed. Bills had to paid and deadlines met.

People toiled harder and tried to make their lives easy within the given situations, permutations and combinations.

Would their lives ever see better days?

Well it was Nation's and their Karmic Justice 


Feature Image Source :www.skyscrapercity.com

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