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child id kit

Children are the heart and soul of families and societies at large. When these little ones are younger, they are vulnerable and are often targeted by miscreants.  Children often disappear due to being kidnapped and fall victim to other heinous crimes. They are also most defenceless against natural disasters and accident. Law enforcement personnel are not always able to trace the missing children, leaving their loved ones grieving for them.

In the light of the above, more people are keeping handy “Child Identification Kits” of Child ID Kit, which can have number of records of the child making it easier for the law enforcers to track down the perpetrators and bring them to book and also bring the child back safe and sound to the parents.

Child Identification Kit – this includes fingerprints, photographs and dental prints of the child.

This kit helps parents to maintain a reliable, private and extremely detailed record of their child’s personal information, which would include medical reports too.  In times of emergency, this kit proves invaluable especially since the first few hours are extremely crucial to the rescue operation.  When a child goes missing, it is a very traumatic and confusing time for parents.  This can severely impede the rescue timelines since the parents, in their grief, may not be able to remember the most basic  characteristics of their child. This ID Kit enables the parents to provide the police with the most comprehensive and detailed information and description of their child without losing precious time in gathering the data.  It also includes safety tips for children and parents to educate them in avoiding situations that could be potentially dangerous and cause harm.

The fingerprints of the child along with recent photographs allow the police to feed this data in to their information database and wire it all surrounding law enforcers and police stations. Since there may not be any information available as to the reasons for the child’s disappearance, unless it is natural calamity, the photographs of the child will help the police network to keep a look out for the missing child and also enquire from the public about the whereabouts of the child. Police often flash these pictures via various channels like TV and offer rewards to anyone providing information.

An ID card of the child is an easy way for the parents and guardians of children to always have the child’s information with them, for easy access, in case of an unfortunate incident. It can be instantly handed-over to the police so that the time of recovery is hastened. These cards are also useful to be given to baby-sitters or at day care centres and also be used as identification when a child is traveling alone or with others.

Just like fingerprints, dental records are also unique for every person, even if a child has an identical twin. Parents get the child’s bite impressions on the dentist plaster which records the exact size and shape the child’s teeth and also the space between the upper and lower jaws. The saliva that gets left on this plaster proves invaluable as a DNA sample and also can be smelled by dog-trackers.

Having a DNA profile in place is another smart technique to have the unique identity of a person handy in times of crisis. DNA profiles can be created even out of saliva, perspiration, a single strand of hair, an eyelash, piece of skin – and are distinct for each person, making it easier to rescue a child even if the features have got distorted for whatever reason.

Child Identification Kits are inexpensive and can prove to be the difference between a child being rescued in time or being ‘lost’ forever.  They are easy to make, store and use and yet are the single most important source of information, for law enforcers to catch up with the law breakers, when human minds fail in times of crisis and angst.

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