How To Keep Your Workplace Safe!


Safety is security, security aids productivity

The office space of today is evolving, being all about open spaces, enhanced interactivity and radical workplace practices that incorporate psychology as much as they focus on being paperless or using cutting edge technology to meet hectic deadlines on time. Every aspect of your project is carefully planned to the last detail and executed to razor sharp perfection, while you make space for amenities that may aid in employee well being. The more your employee feels secure, the more they can contribute to your projects, and you end up boosting productivity through the roof.

Prevention is the key

Yet, everything cannot be planned for; accidents or worse, calamities, strike without warning. The only thing that you can do in such situations is to keep yourself prepared for any eventuality by installing the infrastructure or keeping preventive devices at ready, beforehand. The old adage is still as prevalent today as it ever was, and we are your most trusted partners when it comes to providing safety solutions for your office space, all under one roof. Our comprehensive range of office safety products feature bullet proof functionality, a guarantee of premium quality, designs that confirm to the latest market trends, all the while ensuring value for money and a guarantee for your peace of mind.

Surveillance systems for efficient monitoring

At a time when society is increasingly becoming unsafe, it would not be wise to be unprepared for burglary, theft or miscreant employees. After all, each penny earned by you contributes to the growth of your company. Secure your hard earned money and employee welfare with our state of the art CCTVs (closed circuit television camera) systems. Some of the highlights of our range of high speed CCTV cameras include full HD recording with continuous day and night surveillance, night vision and upto 30x zoom. We offer a range of designs and functionality for your convenience, including dome cameras, pan tilt cameras, network cameras and cloud cameras.

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Prevent fire form ruining your hard work!

 Fire is the most potent scourge of any office space, destroying years worth of hard work and millions worth of infrastructure in a matter of minutes. Your office is a potential danger zone for conflagrations, with so much of circuitry lying around and a risk of systems overheating due to processing overload. Don’t lose your office to a fire, get our fire security systems installed in your office today! We are offering 10% discount on our entire range of fire extinguishers, with capacities available from 1 kg all the way up to 9 kg. Avail from our clean agent, hydro pyroquell and clean mist devices, guaranteed to provided minimum discomfort while dousing the fire with the swiftest speed scientifically possible.

Safe office equipment for your satisfaction

 Office equipment, if by itself safe to use, can ensure that you avert unnecessary delays while working on projects with steep deadlines. Let your employees breathe easy with our exclusive offering – scissors designed to be non harmful even in the event of slippage, super strong safety cutters and ultra safe staplers.

First aid kits for unplanned accidents

Accidents rarely come knocking. Be prepared to handle emergencies with our versatile range of first aid kits, snake bite kits, survival aids, rescue sheets, belt pouches and other accessories. Stocks diminishing fast! Order today and avail discounts on bulk bookings.

We also offer a premium range of digital video recorders, so you get complete surveillance solutions at one place,

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This blog was first published on 12th September 2015