Protect Your Kids from Injuries While Cycling


Does your little one love to speed up and down the slopes as they cycle? Does it worry you that reckless riding or any untoward incident may cause a mishap, injuring you child? Let that not worry you anymore. Let your child enjoy cycling, spend some time outdoors in the fresh air and also be protected.

Keep them safe, as they ride

Ensure protection against injuries for your children with this stylish Btwin Kiddy helmet that can reduce the impact in case they fall down. These helmets are unisex and have been designed for junior cyclists in the age group of 3 to 10 years. This helmet can be used when riding the bike or while sitting on the carrier seat.

Safety features of the helmet 

The inner shell of the helmet is made from expanded polystyrene and the outer shell from durable polycarbonate. This stylish helmet comes with adjustable straps in order to ensure perfect fit. The 8 vents in the helmet ensure a proper ventilation and keeps the rider’s head cool under the helmet. The comfortable foam offer enough protection in case of an impact and the adjustable straps made from durable polyester ensure that it does not hurt the tender skin when strapped on.

Let your little biker enjoy their bike rides with these stylish colourful helmets that they will love!

Cleaning instructions: You can clean this helmet by using a wet sponge and some neutral soap.

Note of caution: This helmet is not appropriate for any kind of motor sports. 

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